Risk free Option Selling Strategy For Intraday

Risk free Option Selling Strategy For Intraday Here share market advanced option trading course in Hindi: https://stockan.in/ Click …

17 thoughts on “Risk free Option Selling Strategy For Intraday”

  1. Bhai option selling hedging me market hamare hi range me rahta h agar market suddenly 200 300 point quick move deta h to loss show hone lagta h aisa kyo please reply….

  2. Normal days its ok…it may give profits….

    But…Any day if one-sided big move comes in Intraday,that day we will face hugeeeeee loss i think saab ji..??

  3. Kua apoke corse aisa koi stragegy with oroper stoploss stoploss kam aur profit zyada lekin profit hit hone chances zyada ho

  4. रिस्क फ्री कैसे हुई, कुछ भी लिख देते हैं लोग

  5. sir please koe aise video ka link mention kr dao merko jesko mai profit ho jaie daily mein bhut jada loss ma hu please sir please request hai apse

  6. F, and o me future 1lot Monthly 2lot put Lene pe 60000lagta hai agar ham 7000nigative Ho Jate hai to kya margin me paisa aur mangegaAur paisa dalna padega bataye sir ji

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