RSI 5 Star Strategy Backtest Results(10 yrs)| Malkan | Swing Trad…

Backtesting #Positional #Amibroker #swingtrading In this video we have backtested Makansview’s 5 star Strategy .He also calls it …

47 thoughts on “RSI 5 Star Strategy Backtest Results(10 yrs)| Malkan | Swing Trad…”

  1. Sir app UDTS strategy ka backtest result dikhae strategy apko YouTube me milega..Jo. IFMC institute bolke cheenel he ak YouTube me

  2. Sir buying and selling ka code kaise le sakte hai.. Maine aap ka 999 wala 5 ema ka liya hai….

  3. Coming back here after a long time this video is been released. Do we have a screener for this strategy.

  4. Sir can you make an indicator or screener that can tell us which stock is bouncing at 40 level on rsi and bounce at 60 level on rsi and vice versa. If this possible plz make one this will help a lot

  5. U r doing a wonderful job . Ur explanation is far better than the Originals.
    Please Show us How to Scan it in Chart Ink …!! ☑🖋📑
    Any Strategy u r showing , Please add the 'how to Screen' & Stock selection part too.

  6. भाई रिस्क के अगेंस्ट रिवार्ड तो बहुत कम है इसमें

  7. Hello sir,
    The way you are testing is awesome.
    Could you please provide proper entry exit and sl for particular this strategy. It would be really helpful for us.
    I really appreciate all your testing. Thank you so much.

  8. Sir a couple of points:

    1) The strategy seems to do much better on buy trades rather than sell based on the amibroker results

    2) Can you please clarify if you are checking the day high criteria on the same day as the support if confirmed or next day. Let me elaborate:

    Say RSI daily on Day (-2) is 42, day (-1) is 40, and day (0) is 41 . Means on day (0), it is confirmed that RSI has taken support at 40. So will we take entry on day (0), after price on day (0) goes above day (1) high. OR we will not do anything on day(0), then take entry on day (+1), after price on day (+1) crosses above day(0) high?

    Logically I feel it should be the former, but the screener provided has created some confusion.

    Please clarify

  9. Thank u sir for ur time n sharing of back testing results. Can you plz back test original strategy where buying is above weeky RSI 60 & SL is 20 days SMA.

  10. sir please help me with this : how to write the code in chartink for " stock last hour RSI is < 60 and current hour rsi > 60 )

  11. Hi Strategic stocks. Video was pretty useful. can you plz say how we can enable this formula in ami broker…? If you can share this formula we can copy and paste or can you please leave a link?
    thanks in advance and good effort boss.

  12. Could you please share your indicator, which you have shown at the beginning of the video. I really like your indicator, as it is showing when the criteria met. I am trading this method since 1 month and I found very good results. I am just getting confused about exit plan. Please help on that as well if you can. Thanks for your hard for trader like us.

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