Safest Nifty Weekly Option Strategies || Advance Option Trading |…

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21 thoughts on “Safest Nifty Weekly Option Strategies || Advance Option Trading |…”

  1. You are making the videos to make realistic profit with less risk, when other channels are just teaching how to make huge profits with less capital by purchasing naked options..


    Please don't stop uploading these kind of good strategy. Actually it would be better if u can add English subtitles or explain most of it in English.. coz i don't understand hindi. I'm trying to learn by looking at the maps and charts.

  2. Bhai kam se kam ye to bata diya karo kis strike price kis months ki buy sell karni h kitna gap h…seefja bolte ho 16000 ki sell karni h 15600 ki buy karni h kuch to understanding rakho

  3. Sir i dont know hindhi. I am unable to see clear image of which strike u buy and sell. Pls mention or take clear video to see visible numbers

  4. Sir We gave more debit, btw now due to budget event ivs r increasing but after budget ivs will decreased, Are we at a loss?after budget. Becz we pay more than what we getting in selling

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