Scalping Strategy for Trading Forex (Full Backtest)

In this video we’re going to be looking at a popular scalping strategy and doing a full backtest to see if it’s a profitable strategy.

19 thoughts on “Scalping Strategy for Trading Forex (Full Backtest)”

  1. Could not follow the name of the top 2 indicators and tried a search on TV. Lazy Bear is awesome creator but not clear on the top 2 indicators.

  2. This is awesome but unless you have a large account and special spreads, youre going to have a tougher time because of the spread 🙂 still this guys channel is awesome!!! new subscriber

  3. Hey man will you ever be making a video about your top 5 C1 indicators? I have a few myself but I would love to have more to test yunno ?

  4. I do like your comments, people need to start to realize to master Forex trading you need 10,000 hour of practice . it is 40h a week for 5 years straight…………..the holy grail does not exist but as Mark Douglas said some traders will get it to think in probabilities and some will never do

  5. Copied the code and dint work TF. Any advice?
    I am using three different EMAs just to put the work in tho. Looks good so far ?

  6. I have an automated strategy with 8, 13, 21 EMA from It is not very profitable unless you add rules that you probably already apply looking at the EMA lines: they need to slope and be apart. Visually clear, but in terms of mathematical rules, which you need for automated trading, not obvious.
    NOTE: for the EMA, sloping down is equivalent to close below and sloping up is equivalent to close above. So you need to have a rule that specifies how many candles you want above / below the 100 EMA before you call the trend

  7. I watched it twice all the way threw. For the YouTube algo!
    You most definitely put in more work then any other tuber I follow

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