Selling Put Options On Robinhood – Monthly Income Strategy

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  2. Questions:
    1. How long do you have to wait to sell the shares?

    2. If you have to pay the collateral, do you get the shares at the stock price?

    3. If you buy a option share price at $0.11 and say it ends its expiration at $0.50. Would you have to have a collateral of $5,000, or would you still only have to pay $1,100 in stock collateral?


  3. Great video , super new to options so would I actually need 18 grand in my account as collateral if it goes south?

  4. thank you for this simple explanation. some youtubers make this way too complicated and this video was clear and to the point. thanks again

  5. Just to confirm… your collateral is released back to you at expiration if you don’t get assigned? I’m still confused on this as I seem to hear it explained differently by multiple people.

  6. I keep saying that trading and investing is easy and safe with the right help and guidance that's why I trade with Theresa she's the best

  7. So what happens if you buy a put and scroll all the way to the top and buy that one? You still get the premium but if the stock reaches that high ridiculous number then I have to buy it ?

  8. And wat if u choose the way lower price that it’s almost impossible to reach that price, and pick the expiration day just a week from, and also make lots of contract to get more premium

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