1. Um…. what is the buying power you started with? Do you have to collateral to sell puts?

  2. What happens if the price ends up between the long and short puts? Won't you get assigned and have to buy 100 shares? About $28k?

  3. I';m a lvl 1 cash account new trader and can't do spreads can I do this as 2 trades? Will it matter with it being an index etf vs a stock?

  4. I just have to say that even if this is a sound strategy the caption on this video is very misleading. It says "$80 a day" when in this video your max profit is only $26.

  5. This strategy works on some scenarios. Look at the chart and see where SPY is currently at. When the RSI is near 70 or higher there’s a high probability of SPY dropping down to correct itself. I would not recommend selling PUT at high RSI scenarios.

  6. You may want to put in a warning about difference between market close and contract expiration. I think you did a video about that guy who offed himself when he woke up to find the contract he bought to cover his short didn't work due to the short contract expiring AFTER market close. Not like European market.

  7. Every time I put this on the market runs to my short strike. It's as if someone is watching my little account and saying- we got him again, dump dump until he can't take it anymore then run it back above his short strike after he bails out.

  8. YOU ARE WRONG WHEN IT COMES TO IV: I am hoping that you made a slip of the tounge in your explanation because everyone know that if you are SELLING options you want IV to be high so that you can collect much higher premiums and if you are buying options you want IV to to be low so that you pay less for the trade.

  9. hello, if i sell options, then do i receive premium immediately or do i need to wait for buyer?

  10. Your short put and long put decay cancel each other so not much of a gain in that sense. Also very important sell before expiration or the results might be catastrophic since market might move after close and you get assigned and you blow up.

  11. In the trade you show us, you have an expected profit of -2$ –> ((-74$*28%) + (26$*72%)). So if you repeat it again and again, you will probably lose money instead of growing in value… Good video though

  12. Nice illustration but just have a question if the price of QQQ expired in between the two legs wouldn't that assigned my position and become liable to purchase 100 share of QQQ. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for your help starting low to grow your account the errors to watch out when first trading options

  14. Bro, teach your Audience the mastery of level 1 buying options first before going to level 3 spreads. ATM, ITM, OTM, IV, DELTA, When to enter an option using chart, Volume, Theta decay, earnings.

  15. I think some information will mislead people. You will still be assigned stocks if closing price between $280 – $281 and if you don't have enough time you will be in trouble. Also, it's hard to roll and you just lose money. Other key point is people will not sell at the money put unless you know how the direction of the market or you just want to be assigned the stock. Thank you.

  16. Did I miss something!! The title of the video read '$80 everyday with QQQ puts withr small accounts??? what happened to the making $80 part???

  17. I really appreciate your dedication in each video you post, despite the current market crash, I was able to build a big income stream investing with Mrs Jasmine Adele

  18. …so a credit spread. Why are you making it seem like its something new or different? You've done many videos on credit spreads. Alot of talking to show the same thing. Again..

  19. Am I missing something? 26 dollars does not seem worth it. What are the upsides? (I understand you have to put up less money up front) Less risky?

  20. Does Robinhood allow level 2 traders to do long strangle or long straddled call's and puts as one single trade? I can't figure out how to do it as a single trade.

  21. You do't explain what to do if the short put goes in the money. So little time to make adjustments.

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