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  1. I have a question. If I have a short butter fly spread call option, and at the expiration date, they all far in the money. Should I let it expire or close it? Thank you.

  2. You have shared a lot. PLease suggest a profit target also. Is 50% of Max profit a good rule?

  3. I did not get the exit.. why one day before? This strategy will give mentioned profit only when we hold till expiry. correct me if i am wrong.. or I m missing something

  4. Thanks for video 😊. Small suggestion –
    It will be really helpful if you can go a little slow during the calculation. May be a pointer or highlight would help while explaining the calculations.

  5. Hi.thanks for great strategy .

    Having a query.
    Can we sell far OTM strangle to minimize losses with this strategy? Far OTM With a value of 25 rs each around 1800 points away from ATM on each side .

  6. Thanks for sharing your knowledge selflessly with everyone and your patience to address almost every query posted … Great πŸ™‚

  7. Can we create it with Calls also. Then what it will be called and what the probability and is it works equally like Put SBF sir?

  8. How does one decide between a put butterfly credit and a call butterfly credit spread ? Would it be any different for debit spreads?

  9. Good one sir, You told when to exit this strategy which is one day prior to the expiry but sir please tell me when to enter this strategy?

  10. I love the way you explain every bit of it. Example, in this video you have explained when to exit. Even though I am not a active trader, I just love n praise your knowledge. And you sharing it to the world for free. Consider me as your Top Fan . Thanks Ravi.

  11. Ravi,

    1) instead of keeping 500points as difference on either side, keeping this window lower will it decrease the risk window lower?
    2) This strategy covers the reward when the price moves on either side of the risk window. However, if the feeling is stronger that bank nifty will fall in the coming week what is best strategy and also the other way as well.

  12. Hello Sir,

    May i know with reference to which broker do you give margin and capital requirements

  13. please tell us the adjustments if things go wrong. also risk to reward is not good to deploy strategy.

  14. Is there any chance we can get profit more than the credit we have received? Looking forward for any merging strategy to increase the profit.

  15. Good and simple one for use Ravi. Thanks a lot. Can we parallelly take long side also? What will be the impact.

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