Short Sell a stock

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  1. what brokerage company do you use? or whats a good one that allows short selling with the safety measures in place? does anyone know

  2. OK but what if I don’t want to set parameters for it to automatically sell how do I manually sell it?

  3. After I short sell a stock, then what? I will be watching the screen while the market is live. How do I undo the short sell. How do I buy back the shares I borrowed once its a lower price I am happy with. I use charles schwab.

  4. This is a game of percentages. Number of shares and any limits you sent should be based on things like current market conditions, momentum, news about a company etc. Please don't go blindly throwing 50 shares or 1 point anywhere. These numbers are always relative to the stock/security you are trading.

  5. Do you send a buy stop order before shorting , to protect yourself of a large increase as soon as you short ?

  6. Thank you but you haven't showed us how to get out of that nightmare of a trade. I hope you made money on that trade and your broker didn't come to your house at night looking for his Margin Call. Best of Luck 2 ya

  7. I have a question. Suppose the price did go down. Is there a step after that you have to execute? What I am saying is that much like the long case, you buy and have to sell to cash out. This video doesn't seem to explain that or else I am not familiar with the process. I saw under the action, there is an option called buy to cover. is that how you can cash out to get your profit?

  8. You know, although it doesn't show the other half of the trade, it is really nice of this guy to show people the super basics. This video would have been nice to see a couple years back before I started trading. The guy saying come look at my page (make money trading stocks) is full of crap considering the fact that in order to short, all you have to do is sign a margin agreement and have 2 grand in your account. They don't care if you have any trading experience, either this guy has no idea what he is talking about, or he is being very misleading to sell his page. I think shorting, if you can actually find shares to short, is much easier than buying. If you have an over extended crap company that is worthless, they spike 400% in an hour due to a pump, and you find the shares to short, your gonna make a lot of money on the down side. When you cover you are essentially giving your shares you borrowed back to the broker you borrowed them from which removes you from the position. It is the same as buying only your betting against the company instead of investing in it. I like buying, but short selling is much easier to predict in my opinion and it really expands your horizon for trading. Make money on the up and the down, why limit your self? 

  9. when the stock goes down you make money from the difference between when you sell short and when you buy back. short selling is for professionals only. your broker will not let you short stocks until you master buying and selling first. please visit my channel if you want to make money trading stocks. thanks

  10. any broker has typically the same thing. please i have a round 360 videos about how to trade stocks. check it out. thanks

  11. this guy has done one video and stopped doing anything since 1st october 2010. he did sell short with a good explanation but did not finish the second part which is to buy back the 50 shares he sold short. this has to do with the trade itself if he has made some money or lost the trade. anyway when you sell short you just back the same stock with 50 shares thats it. please if you want to trade stocks visit my channel make money trading stocks. thanks

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  13. So how do you make money? how do you buy back the shares once it hits the target price to give back to the broker? And how low do you have to go?

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