Short Straddle Doesn't Work all the Time

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31 thoughts on “Short Straddle Doesn't Work all the Time”

  1. Love u dear…I always take position with hedging….Don't be greedy…be patient…this is what we need. All ur videos are useful. I always tell all my friends to have hedged position.

  2. Your are very fair and true. Keep up boss. Really God will help you since you are very true and fair in your saying. As said please come out with the best time and month and the strike price to execute straddles for small retailers like us. We are not HNI .

  3. Hey great videos..I had a question..suppose I deploy Dec month short straddle but I want to do iron fly..since Dec month hedges will cost more so I buy hedges in weekly options which is hardly 1-2 this this strategy good? What r the pros cons of buying hedges in weekly Vs in Dec contract itself?

  4. As always very good video again, keep up the good work bro. You deserve more views and likes bro Hope that day will come very soon

  5. I want to know whether she has deployed short term straddle or long term straddle for such bigh loss?. I think long term straddle is auto hedged

  6. Sir ur content are awesome, and don't worry about the views and likes,it will go million s in near future, keep doing this good work sir

  7. now I am able to understand power of long term options it's merits and one thought this anywhere in youtube channels. You are doing great work. Can you make video on how to handle long term straddle during single day 600 pts fall . Will zerodha allow long term options like 6 months away?

  8. You are sharing knowledge for free..I am getting one small story…that suits for like you people..
    That is ..there is two saints are saint teaches to other one mantra by a caution..The caution is that if you listen this mantra. You will go to heaven after death. But if you tell this mantra to others,you will go th hell..Then ,that saint climb a temple peak and deliver that mantra to all people very loudly.. ofcourse that mantra is om namo narayanaya..
    Then,the saint who teaches initially..and scold another saint,who delivered to stupid.. you will go to hell..
    Then that saint will replied..even if I go to hell.. because of me all other will go to heaven..then,even if I go to hell. It is heaven for me..

    I appreciate your attitude..
    ThanQ..very much bro..

  9. ThanQ..bro.. please makes videos.. regarding ratio spread adjustments..and also please make video regarding two way and three way movements adjustments.. especially belongs to march 2020.. please bro

  10. Great content bro. Famous trainer takes 5k for the strategy which u give us for free.
    Awaiting for more adjustment strategies

  11. After watching your videos, I m able to understand option selling strategies… Great and unique contents

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