Short Straddle Option Strategy Adjustment Part 2 |How to adjust S…

nifty #shortstraddle #optionsrategy A short straddle is an options strategy comprised of selling both a call option and a put option …

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  1. In the Adjustment 3 Slide, You asked to Eg: Sell 10800CE and Buy 11000 CE, But 10800 CE is already Sold CE as an Adjustment 1 : Create 1 More Shot Straddle…., So if we sell 10800 CE as an Adjustment 3, its like Selling same 10800 CE for 2nd time
    In the Adjustment 4, you asked to Buy 10800 CE, that is nothing but Exiting the 10800 SOLD CE sold in Adjustment 3..

  2. Great.. My question is after we do 1or two step adjustments, if the market retraces back, do we have toclosedown all the adjustments made orjust leave it.

  3. We can buy put also for protecting downside risk and for buying put we can sell call to get money for buying put .?
    May I right

  4. Nice informative video bro. How much is the minimum capital needed to enter in the options trade

  5. so taking 2 lakh worth of straddle now needs 10 lakh capital to adjust if its is in loss.. why not take iron fly and square off below the break even and create another iron fly… straddle and iron fly break even might have 100/200 points difference for bnF .. even the loss at break even of iron fly will not be more then the slippages paid for creating another position..

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