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  1. Short straddle panrapo ,market bayangarama increase agrapa,
    Strike price15000-1 straddle
    15250-2 straddle
    15500-3 straddle
    15750-4 straddle
    16000-5 straddle and so on
    Do this till expiry,
    Ipdi increase panite irunda,profit oda veliya vara mudiyuma sir??
    (Provided we have more capital)

  2. I have seen comments from Mr Manokaran and Mr Purna Elevator in my alert messages. But could not see in the comments. Please pardon me , I am new to youtube channel and I dont know why those are shown in alerts but not in the comments section.. I believe something is in channel setting/video setting, but i could not locate it. If someone knows then please suggest the settings to display all comments.

  3. Bro . Even weekly time frame shows very bullish. 10 th may expiry happened 15700 hope 17 th may expires by 15800. june month nifty expires around 15900 or 16000. so better buying nifty future to cover losses in your short straddles.
    as you suggested let us create whatsapp group . my whats app number is 9444248000.

  4. I think the trades keep on increasing…

    My view:

    If you had added 01 Lot Ce on the Upper BE and keep selling the pe to cover the additional losses would have reduced the capital drastically.

    Also 60K would have not been there as MTM loss.

    I know you had already booked some profits in puts.

    Adding multiple short Straddle will increase the capital requirements & Probability for the losses.

    Instead you could have roll up the puts & at one point in time It could have become guts (Inverted Strangle).

    We can manage upto 800-1000 points or we can be with minimum loss .I had backtested this in Nov,Dec2020.

    Because I don't like when you show the Losses for your position.You are a good person without greedy.

    Price neutral / Delta Neutral Adjustment would have helped you.

    Generally I would maintain around 30 delta for the posn.

  5. how much capital you have deployed for this stratergy?
    and if the market is trending you can sell additional pe to cover the loss on the upside , correct?

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