First Investment using SIP or lumpsum ?? Which is the safest and have more ROI (Return on investment). Next hamne 4 cases …

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  1. Sir agar Humne kisi company ke shares liye hai aur woh aage chale kar kisi company ne uss company ko acquire kar leta hai to mere share ka kya hoga

  2. There is no compounding even at government's all lie..don't believe..see ur 3 yr pf or sip statement and realize

  3. Managing money is different from accumulating wealth, and the lack of investment education in schools may explain why people struggle to maintain their financial gains. The examples you provided are relevant, and I personally benefited from the market crisis, as I embrace challenging times while others tend to avoid them. Well, at least my advisor does too, jokingly.

  4. Despite the fact that stock prices fluctuate, what is the best method for capitalizing on the current market? I'm still undecided about investing $400k in my stock portfolio.

  5. I am 16 year old .. my father is giving me 2000 per month ..i am investing 2000 rs every month on Sip's… I have aslo enabled step up per year 1500rs ….How long should i continue this investment

    My portfolio

    Canara robeco small cap fund 1000rs
    Nippon small cap fund 500rs
    Sbi small cap fund 500rs

    Can you provide me any opinion?…

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