SPCE Stock Update : Virgin Galactic Stock News – Analysis and Red…

SPCE Stock Update, Virgin Galactic Stock News Analysis covering Reddit & Short Interest Updates. Analysis Forecast & SPCE …

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  2. I was in SPCE just before the last rally up started and the pops happened because of massive catalysts (test flight announcements) not because of the charts.

    This will only go up again once we have some positive news from the VG team.

    Plus the Reddit army did turn up last time but the price was already about $30 and all that did was pump and dump the stock.

    $30 is the bottom I believe but it will stick around here for a few more weeks until some more news

  3. You are right about people would pay $300k to space. Problem is VG is not going to space. VG is nothing more than Spaceship1 rebooted. Let me ask you, if you were going to spend that money, would you pay VG to take you to almost space maybe sometime next year or would you pay Bezos to actually bring you to space????? Thing is Branson tries to talk 400 flights a year. That many people are not paying for this and as soon as the novelty is gone it is done. People need to hold on to their money or buy PUTS

  4. Hello Sonny, we corresponded on an earlier SPCE video you put together.
    My current position is 100 shares at cost basis is $34.82. I sold the $36 Put Exp 7/16 and was assigned on Saturday.

    Bi weekly videos would be great. Maybe a weekly video if there is a lot of news.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put the videos together.

  5. Many thanks for this video. I have 300 shares and have not sold 1 single share, I won't be a long-term investor with SPCE and please can you explain how can do covered calls and what are risks?

  6. Thank you for the update on SPCE, I started averaging down my position as well. Keep these videos up each week, we need weekly updates to keep people focus on the stock and get more interests in the stock as well.

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