Steve Cohen – America's Most Profitable Day Trader

From day trader to a billionaire! In this mini-documentary, we learn the story and the strategy of the infamous hedge fund …

26 thoughts on “Steve Cohen – America's Most Profitable Day Trader”

  1. ❤😊❤always striving forward 😊❤for knowledge 😊❤enlightening 😊❤❤❤

  2. one suggestion do not take me in a wrong way but the background music isn't catchy enough and also some transitions and effects should have been there to make the video look cooler. Man you should understand there should be enthusiasm you are talking about one of the craziest trader ever. the video should be a little fast paced as well. else the enough is good but then you see its 19+ minutes I kind of started losing interest. I hope these suggestion may help.

  3. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. To be successful in markets, traders should understand the crossover between asset classes & liquidity flow. Michael Terpin focuses on Multi-asset trading, a single strategy to manage risk, profit, and the code or the actual decision-making across multi-asset classes. His skills set is top notch.

  4. rags to riches, yet had a family friend at a stock promoter company and the grandparents were loaded. Riiight.

  5. This is just non-sense to say you lose everything if there is a crash. The only way you lose everything is if you risk everything, and what kind of trader risks everything except one without proper risk management?

  6. My favorite part of your documentaries is seeing Jim Haggerty from the onion news network describe black Monday in 1987.

  7. JACK MA

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  8. Market is down still, I've been looking up strategies and apparently both bull and bear market condition provides equal avenue to accrue massive gains, and a news article particularly mentioned a 54 year old that made $180k in 5weeks, how do I learn these strategies, my portfolio has been stagnant for months.

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