Stock Market Crash 2023

Stock market crash 2023 explained bear market trading strategies. Get my Cycle Indicator at: …

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  2. Becoming a good trade takes time and patience. When i first got into trading i was liquidated twice, and lost my entire mortgage deposit. I could have given up, but decided to learn how to trade and put it into practice. 4 years later and i am glad i made that decision.

  3. Very nicely put together Barry and appreciate the effort you put in to educating others. Your indicators are fantastic and I'm getting better at using the top dog system slowly but surely… Let 2023 bring you everything you deserve for yourself and your family. Kind regards

  4. You've been watching Gareth Soloway but I sure hope he's right. I'd like nothing better than to see that fraud ponzi three ring circus sideshow implode for at least the next decade.

  5. This is a new word for me, WOW!. Is incredible how everything links together. I am going to follow your series to learn more. Thanks

  6. That "length of recovery" is a fascinating statistic! Turning another year soon to be 74 (how did THAT happen) I'm guessing I'd better shorten my time horizon. No wonder everybody 'day trades' lol. Even a fractal swing is too long!!

  7. Excellent video Dr. Burns. You're with your community as current can. These series are very helpful as most "pandemic traders" haven't seen anything like this before.

  8. 'How deep is your loss?' Very amusing. I am assuming this is a play on the Bee Gees song :). Not sure what you think but @1800-1600 on the S&P would test previously (2009) untested levels and provide a strong base.

  9. The last time the S&P 500 Index produced negative returns during the 12 months after a midterm election was 1939—a time of tremendous economic contraction and uncertainty as the U.S. battled the Great Depression and World War II began in Europe.

  10. The S&P 500 has historically outperformed the market in the 12-month period after a midterm election, with an average return of 16.3%.

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