Stock Options Mistake | Option Strategy | Latest Option Strategy …

अगर आप Options में Trading करते है या, Trading करने की सोच रहे है तो ये गलती ना करें | Options Buy Sell Mistake, stock Option Strategy 2019, …

28 thoughts on “Stock Options Mistake | Option Strategy | Latest Option Strategy …”

  1. Sir, you mentioned in last part of video that you may have to take big delivery. Why so? Pls explain on this .

  2. Timing aur candle aur intraday time frame chart ke baare main bhee video ho to please link bataeye.

    Kyonki mujhe kafee dokha ho jaata hai. false signal ke karan sayad. 5 minute kee time frame main indicators galat signal diya jis karan main enter ho gayaa aur mujhe loss hua. Baad main dekhe to 15 minute main indicators kuch aur batata hai. Aur 1 hour kuch aur. Please help me sorting confusion.

    False signal ke baare main bhee video kii jaroorat hogee.

    Thanks for all in advance.

  3. Kaheen aisaa to nahee kee hame ise 1Day ke chart main hee sirf pakadana hai. Tab hum 315 main pakad sakte hain kyonki bache hue 15 minute main koi khaas fark to parta nahee hogaa. Iss hisab se hame usee din over night option buy karna hai jis din candle iv day chart main choti bani ho.

    Please advice

    Thanks in advance. Aapki sabhee videos kafee gyanvardhak hain. Aapki koshish lajabab hai. ???

  4. Nice video. Par sir bande kee baat sahee lagtee hai. Agar trading lete lete candle badee ho gayee to. IV factor fail ho gayee. Please advise.

  5. Dear Mr. Subhash
    I saw a lot of vedios regarding stock but not satisfied but you prove that you are the best
    Thanks for give me satisfaction.

  6. 22/06/20 ko maine nifty-10250 pe CE aur PE ko. Buy kiya aur nifty 10350 tk aaya, sir plz batane ki kripa kre

  7. Subhash bhai I have bought nifty 8000pe at 15.70 of jun20 .
    But market is now up side.OI is increase, iv can I exit or not?

  8. This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "tmx options trading simulator" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Winoorfa Option Olegroson – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.

  9. Jitne bhi expert he sab andaja lagate he aesa hota to sab course kar ke karodpati ban jate

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