Stock Options Trading: How to Trade LEAPS and Why They Matter

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27 thoughts on “Stock Options Trading: How to Trade LEAPS and Why They Matter”

  1. Brilliant video,well explained,you get heaps of views because your vids are quality.very nice.

  2. Hi, Can you please tell me the volumes of LEAPS contracts ? Are they liquid , any website where i can check . Thank You

  3. I have a question. If I believe SPY to be at 240 in a year or so, what strike price do I need to pick? I am clueless on options let alone LEAPS. I'm thinking March 15 2024 240 strike

  4. A lot of people seem to advise against Trading leap option ? any ideas why

  5. At your intro, are you saying “Welcome in” in English or the word welcome in another language which often has additional letters in other languages?

    What’s your opinion on buying LEAPS two years or longer, then selling short term covered calls after the first year to generate cash flow along the way? Porter

  6. Question; Don’t the Greeks change constantly? If you enter a trade at $.88 delta, isn’t that subject to change, especially with volatility??

  7. Do you exercise to convert your option premium into stock cost basis and thereby avoid cap gains ?

  8. Am I late to the party I can't seem to join the patreon? Does anyone else have that problem?

  9. It’s nice coming back and watching some of the older videos! I’m glad James starting making videos daily, this man has changed my life.. I’m blessed to be part of the IA patreon. The trade alerts and market updates are priceless..

  10. Hi James, I’m a relatively successful engineer but the money in engineering doesn’t come close to trading. I’m thinking about a career switch, I also like the idea of working when and where I want. Any advice you can give on how long it might take to learn everything I need?

  11. Omg. I had tried to learn option from other channels and I was so confused until I learned from this one. Glad that someone asked you about the option trading book during your live today and you referred to these series. Thank you!

  12. I was just looking at BRK.B and reviewing the results on1/23 OTM Leaps with the highest OI purchased during the 10/20 low. The stock is up @ $100. They OTM leaps which are not ITM seem profitable. Could you provide more insight regarding why not to purchase OTM leaps or leaps on BRK.B?

  13. I hope I'm not the only one who finds this tough to follow. Great presentation by the way, but think I need to start a few steps back.

  14. Hi I tried to join your patreon but it says sold out. Is that the only way I can access your exclusive information?

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