Strangle Option Strategy – This simple strategy make you a lot o…

Strangle Strategy – This simple strategy make you a lot of money | Option Trading In this video I will share with you a simple …

25 thoughts on “Strangle Option Strategy – This simple strategy make you a lot o…”

  1. Safed jhut. Every strategy has specific parameter. You can't earn from this strategy in every market condition.

  2. Madam ap n bola long straggler but aap long straddle k bare mai b batow please if vedio than link please

  3. Ae mazi aai, what are you teaching? Do you know how wrongly you are putting thing in front of people? You know nothing about market movement and ITm and OTM and ATM and meaning of straddle and strangle. Dont teach wrong things. Remove the video from youtube. Not stereotyping but very few women can ride, drive and trade. I am in so much rage that in order to unsubscribe your channel and satisfy my ego, I subscribed it and after 1 second I unsubscribed it again. Get a mentor meri maa. Learn from teacher.

  4. Long strangle taab banao jab apko lagega market jidhar bhi ek bada move de sakta hai woh bhi Thursday ko chod ke , bada aya samjane wali

  5. Abe buy karne se market sideways ho jaega to premium decay ho jaega end of the day , fool maat bana na

  6. Weekly expiry main ,800 ya 900 points ka difference se sort kar sakte hai ,Monday ko.ce and pe dono.kya problems hai

  7. Aap delta ,Gamma , thita, ivp ye sab kya hote h or inka options me kya rule h is pr please video bnai . Please

  8. Madam,same strike price but different expiry day,(weakly/monthly) agar choose karte hai to kya risk me farak padega.

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