Super Safe Condor Iron Condor Options Strategy Great Return &…

Thanks, Friends for liking Zero Loss Safe Scalping Strategy, To make that Strategy more safe and give you better return with less margin, I am Explaining you …

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  1. Sir, in low vix situation premiums are very low , how to handle in that situation , example first week 40 points target pls advise

  2. Sir wat if market goes up and we exit the sold call and again wat if it comes down without going much now the bought call also losses premium ?

  3. sir Explain the stategy in tamil. which will be very fruitful to us . your voice also very tender so it may be kept audiable. or your speech may displayed with title in enlish so that every one can understand easily…. thank you

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing the strategy. Its really very good. To confirm my understanding, one has to initiate the positions on Wednesday at 3 PM right? Please clarify. Thanks in advance

  5. Wonderful strategy sir , but I believe the returns are 40% not 160% as u projected …total profit for the 5lakh invested is around 2lalh as per the premiums collected .. plz correct me if iam wrong …

  6. Sir two doubts, people confirm it.
    Entry :
    In Thursday, after 3 PM enter next weeks expiry option , choose strike based on premium on your excel sheet. So, I may make 3-4 Iron Condor in a month.
    Exit : When do we exit ?

  7. As per sheet in 4th week we have to collect 7.5, but u say we have to collect Rs 10.. Kindly clarify.. Also why we need to reduce 7.50 from 16?


  9. Detailed explanation. I have seen this video for couple of times and everytime I see this I get more insights.
    Thank you!

  10. I used the strategy on Thursday 3 pm 20 may for 27 may expiry one leg of sell call stopped loss as double the premium I had to put stop loss I have 3 position one sell put on buy put and buy call I am still in profit do I exit or wait till the expiry or sell one more call

  11. Hi Arun, In the example how you reached at the buying premium? ie, 16-(7.5)…how you did a calculation for this 7.5… Likewise buying premium in the case of other side also?

  12. Sirji: I could not find NIfty CE/PE 6 months down the time line. How do one find Nifty 14700 CE for the month of October 2021? Please guide.

  13. Great work sir
    I am new in option trading
    Please tell me can we apply this strategy for weekly expiry

  14. Max loss is 13k and max profit is less than 2,000 ….. either a bad strategy or bad example

  15. Mate. Have you done any backtesting on this? what is the expectancy of this strategy that you teach? i suggest you should research properly before putting up such videos. How many trades have you done using this strategy? how many wins? how many losses? how much do you lose when you do lose? What's the winning percentage on this? There is so much of detail that you have failed to mention. New traders would think this is a zero risk strategy which it clearly is not and they would end up losing their capital.

  16. Sir, how many trades have you taken with this strategy? Can you please share your 1 year PnL statement?? Thanks

  17. So… recap is stop loss is 2 times premium collected. So your loss preserves you selling premium. Butt no stop loss buying put side so if the price shorts by you buy put or buy call you can keep the. Additional itm value of the purchased buy or call. Genius…I can see a lot of stops but close to 100% win with few losses.

  18. Hai Sir we must take the entry on expiry day Thursday right but that time the perimum will be low right actually when should we enter in 1st week

  19. Hello Sir, Thank you for sharing this strategy. I am new to your channel and I am glad to find this video. Can't resist to try this.

    I request you to clarify couple of points as below.
    1. What would be the exit strategy ? Best time to exit…
    2. While I am writing, Nifty has peaked 15000 already. Do you suggest revising premium targets looking at this level and volatility?

    Would appreciate your response. Thanks in advance.

  20. Sir 1 thing I am not convinced is… As new trader we try your strategy, but in your Video In sensibul it was showing your strategy 1283₹ profit and max loss 13000 something… How should we execute such risk?

  21. How did u arrive 16-7.5, calculation. It's no 4 th week in excel it is 7.5 but u sold 16 .reg 10.04 min

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