The 5 Best Trading Audiobooks – make trading for a living easier!…

In this Bangkok Forex trading vlog, I share with you my top 5 best trading books available in audiobook format. If you’ve been …

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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. It's very smart of you to make sure and not include books with setups and things that really need to be seen visually so thank you for that as well. A few books I really enjoyed are The Market Maker's Edge by Joshua Lukeman and The Market Maker's Matrix by Evan Christopher. The two biggest takeaways for me in the second book are that a lot of market makers use setups that the general public are not even aware of. It also explains why price seems to completely turn around where the masses try to go long with breakout trades and why price seems to suddenly turn back around to the upside after shorts are stoped out (banks, market makers, and big money professional traders need high liquidity areas to unload or load up on stocks so these areas make sense to me)

  2. I have most of these books and my recommendation would be "The complete turtletrader". Very similar to market wizards

  3. Great suggestions and point about audio books and why different modalities can complement each other

  4. Always looking for good audiobooks! It's impossible to read like I did when young. Audiobooks is the "life hack" for that! Driving, grocery shopping, doing chores – always accompanied by an audiobook.

  5. James Clear – Atomic Habits. Awesome book that a lot of folks here should read first before diving into this terrific list. (ooops, listen to first 🙂 )

  6. Etienne don't add list of book or audiobook belov the movie so i add.
    1) Street smarts by Jim Rogers.
    2) Trading in the zome by Mark Douglas.
    3) The Dayli Trading Coah by Brett N. Steenbarger.
    4) Trading Beyond the Matrix by Van K.Tharp,phd .
    5) Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager.
    6) Reminiscences of a stock operator by Edwin Lefevre.
    7) One good trade by Mike Bellafiore.

  7. Great List Bro, I have some but will get the ones I don't have. Thank you Very Much ! and keep on your journey, it's very motivating.

  8. Awesome information! I took note and will start listening whenever I'm driving, in the gym and in my downtime. Keep doing the good work

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