The BEST Option Trading Strategy For 2021 – How To Trade Options …


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  1. Lol what happened in March? Sudden influx of cash, and I know we aren't going to see those trades…

  2. I'm interested in learning I have some options trading experience i know there's more knowledge out there to become a more profitable trader are you willing to point me into the right direction

    I'm not a spammer I rather ask because I know we all had to start somewhere

  3. I'm not sure I agree with do not trade more than 2 times a week. You sell and then you should be trying to buy right back in

  4. I never thought I would say this in a trading video, but…

  5. It looks like you got lucky once and then the rest of the year you declined and got lucky one more time.

  6. I don’t see you do any option trading in any of your videos I’ve watched so far. Why make a video about options trading and then don’t do any options trading ? I can’t find a single video where someone explains why and which options are the best to buy. I know in the money is a good play but there is literally 25+ in the money options and they all
    Seem to have the same break even price . Why can’t someone actually make a video explaining this ?

  7. TLDR:
    Do not trade more than twice a week
    Start with amount and divide it by 52 weeks.
    Do not increase after you win
    Do not increase/change frequency after you lose
    Get a longer term

    – He doesn't explain further than this sadly 🙁

  8. Can you elaborate on the optimism? You out in 100/week, did you stop? Because if you didn’t you would have put in about $2500 total, nearly leaving you at break even over the 5 months. What am I missing here? Thanks for your time and thanks for sharing

  9. How you trade over 38 times with just $400 available ? What account broker are you using ? Because robinhood won’t allow you unless you have $25k

  10. Do you feel like if you buy alot of calls, it puts you on someones target to make asset do opposite than what you want?

  11. This is how you know the market is topping… when any asshole can randomly pick any option strike on the chain without conducting any research whatsoever and still win most of the time.

  12. What's up chad dont flame me but I have yet to get a long term how do I go about picking a company for my long term. Any suggestions on which companies I should look into rn. Ty ya really the best

  13. i know you have used robinhood and td. i know to do spreads on td you need margin. does td have something like robinhood instant? where you just trade unsettled funds. like no multiplied buying power.

  14. Keeping it small and paper trading is always a good idea. Let's you see the bigger picture clearly. ??
    Have a great week everyone!

  15. Dude….. I got 3 friends now loading me up with $100 trades each week. We are like an ARMY, I mean a cult. Let's go baby. AMD 100 CALL FOR MONDAY. GET THERE AMD… GET THERE

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