The Massive GameStop Short Squeeze, Explained

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40 thoughts on “The Massive GameStop Short Squeeze, Explained”

  1. The prime example of a PUMP AND DUMP in it's purest most extreme form. Will be forever engraved in stock market history.

  2. I’m all in. Long term. Ryan cohen is for retail. Retail knows that. Msm is against retail. Retail wins long term. Common sense. Power to the players ???

  3. What you missed is that hedge funds made the most from the small run up, retail was there too but this was a hedge fund move and Keith was in 3 years ago

  4. Great videos. Thanks..

    The comments are priceless. "How dare they bear us at our own game." LMFAO! Love it!!

  5. I actually stop one of my friends from buying GameStop he was mad at me at first but he thanked me later for it because a lot of people lost a lot of money.

  6. This was a great explanation, and funny to see where we are today. I just cant imagine it going beyond 1K but people are saying way higher numbers that all you need is one stock. I find that too hard to believe and wishful thinking.

  7. My teen son got me interested in GameStop & it has helped us bond since my kids & I went thru a horrific divorce 4 years in making (he was having affair w his married secretary – the total gold-digger – & he didn’t want to give children/I ANYTHING. PLUS, I was deathly ill with?LUPUS? and he STILL fought me for custody?‍♀️. I don’t get it. I was a good wife, mother, daughter-in-law. I made loads of money until I got sick then he seemed to hate me for no reason. AND to hate our kids. My attorneys told me at the end that they wished me great luck. The male lawyer said he hopes someday soon I make MORE than my former husb. Not only a little but 3x more money than my X husb.‼️???


  9. You could also explain the Greeks. Like Delta (very, very important) is the change in price of the stock and how that translates to a change in the price of the option. Maybe explain Gamma which is the the degradation of the option value to Zero when the call option expires. You could tell people that 1/3 of Gamma degradation occurs in the final week and how to roll the call option to a future date.

  10. This video is good. It would be a bit better if you explained how the option market is causing more short squeeze to occur and explain that the Market Makers who buy and sell options are buying stock and selling stock Fast to hedge the call options. Thanks for trying to help. Also please slow down your explanations a little. it takes time to understand this stuff.

  11. This is SO helpful. Thank you!
    I really had to pause and rewind (and use the almost rotting strawberries next to me) to help my brain get it. LOL. Thanks again!

    What a dirty practice.

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