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Learning Video after more than a month.

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  1. The premium rise and fall never happens in the same proportion due to delta and IV mismatch. If CE goes till 130, put PE may still be at 80 and CE may end up going to 150 and PE at 75. So basically closing at loss of 25 points. The rise in premium is always faster than decay in premium of the other leg.

  2. The stock/crypto Market lately has not been so encouraging couple with the fact that there is a dip and had projected for a long term buy … the best time to buy any asset is now. What are you still waiting for my dear? The time is now! Great video

  3. Sir, while trending move we when we use this double the premium exit strategy then we may come out and miss the the opportunity rgt. If even 40% stoploss we keep in each leg We can capture the trending move rgt where one SL gets hit. That's y we are doing straddle .
    Can we use this double the premium strategy for strangle?

  4. Powerful content for beginners, Searching simple adjustment strategy for long time . No need for extra margin. Great opportunity to hear.

  5. V Good explanation about strategy & transparency way, no hiding really superb, I appreciate your effort.
    I wish you good luck. keep posting strategies on option writing & mainly how to adjust when market opens gap up & gap down

  6. In kabhe style : then you simply done Bull put spread or bear call spread (if you have clear directional view) . if u don't have clear view then do both (Bull put spread bear call spread / iron condor )at far out of themoney
    You'll get 10-20 premium decay and
    Straddle intraday 160000. bulps or bear ca sp positional 27000 . So 160000÷27000=5.92/6 lots× 25= 150
    Finally 20 rs premium decay 150×20 =3000
    25×5=125- it's your profit

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