The Truth About Day Trading

Day trading, the activity of buying and selling the same financial asset on the same day, sounds like one of the smartest …

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  1. At 3:14 I say the study sample period was 1995 – 2019. The animation says 1995 – 1999. The animation is correct. Missed that in post.

  2. As someone that has been trading everyday with the exception of missing one month, I can honestly say trading is not easy and if it where easy everyone would be doing it bottom line! I bought a course got educated and paid my dues to the market in the form of tuition in order to learn how to trade. Trading is the easiest hardest money you will ever make, if that makes any sense lol! Imo the high failure rate is due to no formal education, and two no or non existing risk management. Three, unrealistic expectationsthe learning curve to trading is long and tedious and people are simply not willing to put in the work that's needed in the form of screen time. Imo trading is not for everyone and there are many, different factors and variables as why so many people fail miserably. I struggled and wanted to quit a few times, but I knew if I put in the work and manage my risk I could make this happen and then it around and I did. No I'm not going to come on here and say I trade for a living cause I don't and I wouldn't want to either for many reasons and that's another topic. I am profitable and use my trading income to pay my bills and save, also invest and for taking vacation and enjoying Life. Wishing everyone the best of luck out there in the markets and remember folks it's all about learning to be a good loser and using solid risk management. God Bless everyone and happy trading ?

  3. Hft market makers dont really compete and try to beat day traders right? They dont care about the direction. I actually went to several HFT trading houses and did business courses.
    I think the real problem is the compounding of transaction cost and that short term is completely random like a casino.

  4. By definition, the average trader should make less than average after costs. It doesn't mean the best traders can't make money.

    Stating that not everyone can be successful traders as pointless as stating not everyone can be good enough in sports to make it to the Olympics.

  5. I thought most ppl daytrade for quality of life. U've to make a living doing smth anyway. Sure they're all losers against a benchmark. But at least, u don't have to work a dead-end, soulsucking dayjob, answer to boss, do 9-5, etc. Freedom to do whatever after-market, move anywhere. U pick your poison. We aren't all dealt the same cards in life. The poor will continue to play the lottery. But I thank u for the perspective u've given me. We've never had great opportunities. Only hope keeps us alive.

  6. I want to say I'm here for sound financial advice, but I'm actually here just for the South Park references.

  7. Someone please answer me: if day trading doesn't work, how is it possible that some people do that as a job?

    I mean, after some time all the day-trader professionals should fail, or realize that they are not beating the market. Am I wrong?

    (honest question, not rhetorical)

  8. If the returns are that bad.. widely… How do companies like SMB Capital or other Wall Street brokers make money from day trader on behalf od their clients?????!! Shouldn't this market have disappeared already then?

  9. 95% of restaurant owners go out of business within 10 years same with construction companies and many others. It's always a risk making money on your own and most people fail, trading is just another one with a whole lot of people who think it's a get rich casino not a job and that's the reason it is statistically shown as worse.

  10. Here after losing 6k ? was double my capital from some lucky trades. But greed and fomo r real and strong for most traders

  11. When I was listening to the mistakes that a day trader makes over time: check ✅, ✅, ✅,… ✅. Fortunately I left off and strated my business. Much profitable and can be calculated at least.

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