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  1. There is another way. One can go to the options window. Open it in a new "tab" downsize it and still watch the charts one may watch.

    Then buy n sell the contracts as they see fit via clicking on the option contract they want.

  2. hey, how did you get your active trader to be in the 3rd window on the side there?. i can only have 4 cells not 3

  3. Are you able to adjust profit take and stop loss lines right on the chart of the specific option? In other words when you place your order will the lines be visible on the chart and are they adjustable in real time?

  4. I have a question just seeing if you could help me understand a little bit more if tesla was trading at $150 a share and I feel like it’s going to go down in the next couple of days I put a put option at $150 What price would have to go to for me to actually make money if it was one contract sorry to bother you just trying to learn as much as I can.

  5. if I wanted to trade the open say on spy…how do I know what strike to buy? or is there obvious selections for the day?

  6. Dear TCP, again thanks for the great video. Now the same for the trend. I see a move and it looks great, but it moves and I try to short because I hesitated to jump in on momentum. Would you buy market order to get in a parabolic move or buy the ask? On options of course. Also to get out do you use sell the ask when its moving towards your favor?

  7. Dear TCP, first thank you for the great content. I have a couple of questions sometimes I am in a for example a PUT trade and the next bar is huge and just blows past my mental stop. I use to hold and end up getting crushed. I might try to limit but its moving so fast that I would continue to hold or worse average down. Do you suggest Sell Market or Sell Bid? Once again thank you.

  8. Love all of your contents but have to disagree on only one thing. Hitting that market order. I prefer hitting the ask button over market. Only time I would use a market order is stop loss or buy order. =)

  9. Is TOS having problems? I read from a number of forums that it is filling orders late, not allowing people to log in or displaying lagging price data. Has this been your experience?

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