ThinkorSwim Tutorial: Options Trading

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48 thoughts on “ThinkorSwim Tutorial: Options Trading”

  1. Hi Carmine, your fee of $400, is that per month, year or a 1 off payment for permanent access to your courses including your Discord group?

  2. great videos, I have a question , I see every option has a code, for example: EW3Q23…. I know 23 means 2023, do you know what the W3Q means?

  3. GTC means 'Good Til Cancelled' not good til close lol. Spanning out over multiple days in case you want to execute a trailing stop buy.

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  5. @10:15 mark, “GTC” means good till cancelled, which can be set 90 days from the date the order is submitted. “Day” is for that day only, it will automatically cancel your order when the market closes at 4pm.

  6. That simplification you did where you said things are basically "this" or theres a shortcut for "that" are everything.
    5 out 5.

  7. This blows me away. I wish I had half your knowledge not only of option trading but maneuvering around thinkorswim. I got some watching/studying to do. Thanks!!!!!

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  9. Is there a reason why the default quantity is negative(-10) when trying to purchase a Put? And positive when purchasing a call?

  10. Bro you’re ?’ed, I was watching other you tubers and they always make off topic comments during the videos, give too many examples to the point where I lose track of the subject, and this is the best and simplest video I needed. Thank you !

  11. Hey Carmine, I'm new to options trading and there's a HUGE learning curve. Your explanation on using TOS for options trading is EXCELLENT!!! Thank you so much. I'm still not fully understanding how delta affects my earnings.

  12. Seen this instruction before but didn't commit I should have. Is there a way to copy and paste more than one stocks option chain. As you would on the left side. E..g. like you would a customized list of gainers or movers that you can just hover over the tickers click and drag to the ticker box. Very helpful are your lessons BTW ? You actually make it easy to understand its top notch stuff.

  13. Switching from Robinhood/Webull to ToS and I have to say I really appreciate you making this video. Saved me lots of time when trying to figure out the best strategy for quick scalp fills. Thank you!

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