1. Can you demonstrate how to do this for a stock you are BEARISH on? I’m assuming you are selling and buying puts above price (ITM). If the Puts are above price..would you get assigned early??

  2. Love this strategy. Funny thing how I stumbled upon this a couple of years ago when I was learning how to trade options with a sim acc and didn't know how to set up iron condors.

  3. This is by far the best strategy I’ve seen. I mean cmon, $1 to make $49 if the company stays above 15.50 by expiration. And the company only has to go up $1?. Wow great video, learned so much being on this channel

  4. Title of this video is click bait. It never showed how you did it. You are just explaining a strategy just by randomly selecting a stock. Did you YOLO your account on a single trade and got lucky?

  5. but you have a 20% chance of actually making money on this option formation.. like… why would you ever do this instead of having the PUT credit spread make you money with a 80% chance of winning???? This honestly is a bad trade because if you were actually bullish then just collect the $7 of $50collateral which is a 14% return in a week which is absolutely tremendous. TBH this trade you are showing people is really only great in a hugely bull market but still it seems like you would have a harder time getting filled with this weird order formation vs normal liquidity of a PUT credit spread.

  6. I really wanted to watch this video but you kept dragging on and on without getting to the point. I bet people hate talking to you?

  7. I had a question about credit spreads. I was curious on spreads where you receive like 1000 in credit but the max P/(L) was like 600/(15). I found it confusing because i thought the max was the credit but i realized that the loss was the difference between strikes minus the premium. This was a 4 option leg for KO for reference. Why would the credit be larger than the max profit and what could go wrong?

  8. with debit/credit spreads set for a week out, would you still follow a stop loss? or if you have faith in the company just hold?

  9. I trade on Robinhood and it does not let me do multi-leg trades in the same transaction. I have to either buy a call/put then I can sell a call/put but it doesn't let me do them at the same time which makes it very tedious to figure out how much credit I have. Are you using Robinhood Gold or is there something in the settings?

  10. Any chance you can so discuss about how to repair the trade when things go opposite side in future video. Appreciate.

  11. At first I thought this whole thing wouldn't work out but then, BLOCKFINANCETRADE really helped me accomplish this goal.
    I'm really grateful.

  12. You can implement the same strategy with index options (SPX, RUT) and there is no early assignment.

  13. I joined but do u ever list these plays in discord!
    Iam only interested in Iron condors plays etc thanks
    Also I don't know where to begin in discord I sign up for on your discord group, how do I find your option pics etc?
    Thanks from a new member ken!

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