In today’s video I want to take you through the process that I take when I enter an options trading strategy by using a real life …


  1. Did you ever get any fills at all on a trade like this? I set up a whole bunch of them yesterday after close, on lots of different stocks, and not one of them have been filled.

  2. This is like the Long Christmas Tree Spread with Calls, but this one is the Long Christmas Tree Spread with Puts. These are incredible strategies, you've got a new subscriber with me!

  3. Question: I’m pretty new at this. I went into one of these plays with $8 debit per strategy ($32 for 4 of them). The value of each went up to $57 ($0.57 per share) but that shows as negative balance on my account, as in around -700%. What would the reason for that be? The P/L plot showed a max loss of the debit I had paid.

  4. Why Robinhood doesn't let me to buy/sell multiple leg options? It says "You can only select 1 option. If you want to build a strategy that's more than 1 option, you'll need to place separate orders."

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  6. Please, can you roll 3 legged option strategies on Robinhood?. for example the this $3 play or $1 play which is 4 legged strategy.

  7. Making videos for all of these trades at prices you KNOW people will NEVER get filled at is beyond stupid.

    Either that or you’re fairly ignorant in thinking people will be filled at these prices. ??‍♂️. Yes, you state that they may have to adjust their price but that would make the title of your video nothing but clickbait.

    And clickbait is pathetic.

  8. I used to do these spreads all the time. I would buy for $1 and sell for $2 but only receive $1.30 in my account. my taxes at the end of the year accounted for the extra .70 so what I actually made did not match with what my tax statement from them said. I had to pay taxes on money I didnt receive. they say no commission but it sure seemed like it was comission paid without them telling me.
    be careful buying these especially if you aren't taking much profit to begin with like I did.

  9. I'm trying to put this trade on webull but they are making me choose what kind of strategy this is (butterfly, iron butterfly, etc.). Is there a name for this strategy?

  10. Looks simple but complicated. I will study and take a lower and cheaper stock. Still new. Thaks for the help Sr! Doing good on buying call options so far. 5-10 dollars here and there is where I am at.

  11. This is an awesome strategy, Thank you for sharing this. One question I have is how do you identify a sideways stock, objectively. In your opinion is there any tool that can help identify a sideways stock.

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