This Options Strategy Will Make You Thousands With A Small Portfo…

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  1. Excellent video! Question? What are your options if, the cost basis/original stock price of the ITM call drops to OTM. Holding several LEAPs that lost 40+% during the recession but I own 10+ contracts but all now OTM with 4 months to expiry.

  2. If I write a 24$ call and it pulls in 5$ so 3 would be 1500 in pre. wouldn’t I be selling at 40 a share then so as long as the price is under 40 I make more money. I know I will be called

  3. Great video. I’m thinking of doing a poor man on gme. I’ll buy 6 or 7 calls out 1 year. Your video will help a lot

  4. Just a nitpick, but you spend time saying the video is for people with experience in covered calls and then you immediately start explaining parts of a covered call. I know what a strike price is. I know what a premium is. Kind of makes your videos boring because you go over things you said people should already know at this point. You made this video during a bull market. I would definitely rather see it now during a bear market. Last year, everyone was making money lol

  5. my only concern is that the "worse case" take away of $1148 is less than the market value of the leap of $1330.

  6. Thank you for this information. I'm 66 years old. I'm trying to get some money saved for a nice retirement home. Hopefully this strategy will help. I need a boring strategy. I can't handle too much information. Just a basic profiting strategy.

  7. I have heard you say several times that if it’s out of the money you always buy to close but you never explain why. Is it because you can make more money on the appreciation of the underlying stock therefore ditching the option? Why not collect the whole premium. That is the only thing that confuses me when you talk about that.

  8. $7500 is something even a working class person can do. A video on selling 10 SPX puts at 0.60 $300 spx pts out of the $ works easier but you need half a million dollars in cash to leverage that trade which does nothing to help your average American.

  9. 12:18 you were close on that $10, it was like $12 on 1/21/2021. I would think that was worst scenario, but were you able to collect enough premiums to cover the $970. just wondering. thanks

  10. Watching this video after this massive drop in 2022 makes me wonder how low TTCF really is….oh wait….it is at 7.25!!

  11. I have a CC (june3 22) strike price of $3. I bought 100 shares for 2.59. I’m on Webull. Do I look to buy to close one my share reach +75%, or my CC? So I can keep my shares. N when picking a new date to roll I’ll collect more premium on that same 100 shares I already own? The buy to close part n roll it n how to calculate that is the confusing part for me.

  12. Wouldnt you want to sell the .20 delta? I’d imagine .30 delta would have a higher chance of hitting. Thus getting assigned?

  13. I Have learned more from you In a few hours of youtube time than with days and days of watching other peoples videos and seminars. Your teaching style is truly engaging and you make the difficult easy and enjoyable. I had a physics professor in college who made physics fun just like you make learning options fun. Your most valuable tool is yourself on the screen and your drawing is great! Thank you.

  14. Hi, Thank you for your video, it is very helpful. I am using Interactive Brokers for trading, do you know if they would exercise my LEAP option if the covered position is being exercised like your broker? Or I need to enter the exercise trade manually. Thank you very much for your advise.

  15. I really thought Covered calls were great until I saw your video and realized that leaps are a way better option. You do not have to put down all the money to own the 100 stocks and can make passive income as well!

  16. Hi Brad, I'm writing this from Venezuela, I have a little doubt, I bought a leap option of dbx at $17 strike, dbx is at $21 at this time, so my leap is bleading, no problem with that, but, if I want sell a call against dbx the premium that I going to collect is so low, the IV is so low and the spreads are so wide, what can I do in this situations? thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

  17. Would it make sense to Buy to Open the Long Call, and Sell to Open the Short Call on separate days? So Buy to Open the Long Call on a red day, when premiums are low, and Sell to Open the Short Call on another day when stocks are in the green and premiums are high? More than likely in any given week, there will be at least one day where there is at least some sort of daily or intra-day trend reversal. I've only traded covered calls so far but this is kind of a cool aspect, of an options premium strategy, you don't have to guess whether stocks are going up or down, you just seize premiums when they are in your favor.

  18. at 16:35, what are the green +/- numbers next to the buy/sell calls. i thought thats how much you made per trade (or cost) but you wrote down different gains

  19. Here in India, we simply buy a Future and keep selling Calls, in stocks that don't give significant dividends.

    Why don't you buy a future instead of buying a leaps

  20. Finn, question if you read this. In RH. i bought a LEAP Call contract (1 year out paid premium). Then sold a covered call based off that LEAP Call (6m out collected premium). Went to buy that Contract back to close it early free up my collateral in the LEAP in case I want to close that one (you talked about this in your other video), but I keep getting an error message saying I don't have enough to cover it. I thought I just make or lose the spread in whatever was paid in the original call premium sold. Either losing or making the gain, if the premium was lower than what I collected.
    Thanks man.

  21. Great video Brad, thanks! Quick question – is the 'worst case' scenario here getting assigned on the covered call? That seemed to pay out better than not getting assigned and just chipping away at the premium paid for the LEAP with the premiums for the covered calls?

  22. Great video! I just found your channel & subbed. I know this is from over a year ago so I'm not sure if you'll see this – wondering how many PMCCs you’re comfortable having going at any given time just in terms of the time commitment involved in watching over everything. Obvs, once you're tapped out of capital for more trades, that’s it. But strictly from a management perspective as someone with a full time job, what do you recommend?
    Thanks again for the great work. The Greeks video was HUGE for me!

  23. Thanks you for very detail but one thing everyone that trades or teaches about trading they never how or step by step showing how to execute the trade so please explain on how to actually execute the trade ?

  24. This video has opened my eyes to LEAPS. Thank you! I use the covered call when a stock dips. Great advice and great explanation!

  25. Really, this is all rather confusing. I wouldn't touch any of this stuff without knowing, and understanding a LOT more about how it all works.

  26. Hello, thanks for all the helpful info! Would you happen to have a new discord link by chance? If I could join, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  27. Nice video, Lear means for atleast 1 years, I have 100 share of TWTR, can i make a leap covered call for that, what be the scenerio if it exercise before one year, lets say I ought at 42 dollars, I choose 60 dollars covered call for one year, what could be the scenrio if it exercise before a year, lets say after 2 months, can you please just guide me on that , further if you also take love session if so please let me know your fees etc, I really like your presentation skill, thanks. FARHAN

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