Tips For Option Selling | Option Selling to Generate Regular Inco…

Tips For Option Selling | Option Selling to Generate Regular Income | Options Trading For Beginners In this video I will share with …

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  1. आप ऑप्शन ट्रेडिंग में कॉल ऑप्शन कैसे लेते हैं पुट ऑप्शन कैसे लेते हैं इसको डेमो करके दिखाएं तभी समझ में आएगा

  2. Ae Ambabaai, Options selling bullish market me bhi kr sakate hai meri maa. Bullish market me PE sell krte hai and Bearish market me CE sell krte hai. Basics clear kro pehale and then shoot the video please.

  3. Madam future & option pe ek complete series banane ka try karo….kyonki poori details samaz me aaye…
    Apka explain karne ka tarika bahoot acchha hai.. thank you

  4. Nice work ?, I keep saying that trading and investing is easy and safe with the right help and guidance

  5. First of all the definition you gave for option selling is wrong…please do your research before uploding any videos on youtube…you told that option selling is shorting the market which is completely wrong… can also make money when market is in uptrend by shorting put options ..and you can make money while market is in downtrend by shorting call options…in option selling probablity is close to 66% as you will make money even if the market goes sideways….so correct the video option selling is not shorting the market it is shorting option in the direction of your analysis weather it is in uptrend or downtrend.

  6. Expiry के दिन short straddle strategy कितने बजे ट्रेड लें और spot price से कितनी दूर का strike price लें जो safe हो!

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  14. Please ??? make live videos. So that we can know that you also use the same methodology to earn. Make live videos and show us some practical and not theoretical bla bla bla.

  15. mam entry karte time hum konse factors dekhe chahiye jinse hamari accuracy badh jaye…. thank you…

  16. Mam,i want to become a trader but don't know anything about it.
    Mam can I start trade with very low capital? And can I make profit with rs 1000?

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