Top 10 Books on Options Trading

Option traders have many choices when it comes to books on options trading, fundamentals and strategies. With so many to …

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  1. Summary at 6:18

    1. Option Volatility and Pricing, Sheldon Natenberg
    2. Options as a strategic investment, Lawrence G. McMillan
    3. Options, Futures, and other Derivatives, by John C. Hull
    4. Options Trading: The Hidden Reality, by Charles M.. Cottle
    5. How to Calculate Options Prices and Their Greeks – Exploring the Black Scholes Model from Delta to Vega, by Pierino Ursone
    6. Trading Volatility, by Colin Bennett
    7. Option Trading – Pricing and Volatility Strategies and Techniques, by Euan Sinclair
    8. Dynamic Hedging – managing vanilla and exotic options, by Nassim Taleb
    9. Options Market, by John C. Cox and Mark Rubinstein
    10. Option Market Making, by Allen Jan Baird

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  2. WOW…OVER THE TOP video…..and to include the INDEXES…such an awesome idea !!!.. thank you so much !!!!

  3. So far, the books on options I have enjoyed are 'Understanding Options' by Michael Sincere, and 'Get Rich With Options' by Lee Lowell. I also bought your options course on Udemy, after looking at many of the choices there, your course seemed to standout for me somehow. I am a beginner to this stuff. Cheers.

  4. Option Market Making: Allen Jan Baird

    Options Markets: Mark Cox, John C.; Rubinstein

    Dynamic Hedging:Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Option Trading: Euan Sinclair

    Trading Volatility:Colin Bennett

    How to Calculate Options Prices and Their Greeks: Pierino Ursone Options Trading: The Hidden Reality:Charles M. Cottle

    Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives:John Hull

    Options as a Strategic Investment:Lawrence G. McMillan

    Option Volatility and Pricing:Sheldon Natenberg

  5. Good list! I've never heard of the MacMillan text. Do you strongly recommend it? Is it similar to any other the others you list? I have yet to read a few on your list so wanted to hear your opinion. Great video

  6. Awesome video, definitely agree with you on your top 1! Sheldon Natenberg has done great work in explaining all the concepts around options in his book. In my opinion, it should be mandatory for every trader to read it before starting trading! Thanks for giving me some other book ideas I didn't know. Subscribed! 🙂

  7. So unfair – such high quality and only 9 likes. Go press those like and subscribe buttons right now!!

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