TraderTV Live Hosts Share Their A+ Trading Setups

They take years to refine and 100’s of trades to master, your A+ trading strategy is the trade you wait search for on daily basis, the …

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  2. The proper trade on $DKNG was the short off the open dude. You want to learn it ask me, but it was the correct trade. You should know the trade your taking in the stock your going to trade, before the market opens. You don't have that your lost.

  3. This is almost like taking classes at college. I can go paper trade these ideas and see if it's working or if I can custom tailor my own strategies based on the learnings. Thanks folks, much appreciated!

  4. I love watching these!! I am binging the educational videos. Ill be sure to wake up at 8 so i can watch the daily stream and learn more

  5. Guys great stuff I am about to begin trading when I complete preliminary studies, I am interested in the software you use or any recommendations appreciated. Thanking you

  6. Thank for sharing this information looking forward to continue to learn as much as i can from Trader tv team

  7. I think the only thing that could top this video would be strategy specific videos. About all details of a specific strategy and such. I hope you will consider this idea in the future <3

  8. How did I just stumble upon this channel on Friday?! Huge like and subscribe. Iā€™m definitely going to keep watching

  9. Better than any course you can buy. People buying thousand dollar courses. When this YouTube channel is available? I Will never understand that

  10. Just wanted to say that the dynamic trio – Neil, Shawn, and Brennan – are really great. Shawn is always making faces – he must be a funny guy.

  11. "Don't give up your strategies", LOL. The more people that trade the market, the more liquid it becomes and more money to be made. Great show as always.

  12. Amazing video and great set ups guys!
    I really appreciate this free content!

    if I can give you one tip, post more on Instagram!
    you will definitely get more people here!

  13. i really appreciate all this content that you guys give for free. I try to watch every day and these really help.

  14. thank you for the free education, I watch your show from 9 am to 1 pm 5 days a week and I really enjoyed it and I learn a lot so I thank you for it.

  15. Never ever give out your best strategies. Come on guys. You guys already provide one of the best videos in this place.

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