Trading is FRUSTRATING! PINS Live Trade Review…

Money #Stocks #Trading Trading is NOT easy…and today’s trade on PINS shows some of the REAL frustrations and ‘bs’ that …

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  1. I work at la fitness and if anyone needs a gym membership hit me up! We got a special going on right now! Trade and gym ! ??

  2. I report a complaint to TS every time the matrix locks up, which is whenever high volume hits. I know it isn’t my computer, or my dsl. If they could fix that, it would be the best !! I still trade with it, that is my “hot keys”…just have to watch the freeze and not accidentally enter over and over because I didn’t know it was frozen!! Also, the OCO helps, just in case. THANKS, great video!

  3. on pins after getting out the trade , it did a turnaround patter why didn't you take that ? , because of the frustration that the freezing platform brought ?

  4. Victim mentality: it's broker mistake.
    Winner mentality : it's trading 'B.S' , my winnings trades will swallow all unpreventable trading B.S .

  5. You are awesome man… Greetings from INDIA… This pattern works pretty well in Indian markets too…I call it an inside bar breakout… Ur money and risk management videos are the best believe me… But our problem here is its easy to get filled but difficult to find good gappers… It's only a handful maybe 2-3 a day but still works if the pattern is identified

  6. It is not rare in your videos, that you have problems with TS. It seems to me, that usually not the platform is the problem, but the brokerage. I know you love this platform, but does it worth this additional stress and loss of money? IB offers a TS platform, might be better combination of a broker + platform. Or just something completely else. BTW, you are a great educator.

  7. Tradestation sucks and weakness since 2007 is that system or platform overload/freeze. It never happen with ninjatrader or tos or any futures broker that I know off. I was complaining and the customer service was just horrible. But I like the premarket scanner and DOM trader that Jared was pointing out. BITMEX weakness are same like Tradestation. It's just not something new and I cannot believe it's still happening in 2019(

  8. Hi, Jared. I am currently learning about trading and your videos have given me lots of non-bs inputs. I also want buy your book to study from but cant seem to find it. Is there a link to it? Thank you.

  9. Something similar happened to me.. I got in a stock at 10.77 and it went to 12.20.. platform froze after I moved up my target from 11.77 to 12.. Stock got halted and and reopened below my entry price.. then hit my stop with major slippage..

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