Trading Options and Math: Charm, Vanna, Color, Speed, & Black…

Tom Sosnoff and the resident tastytrade math geek Jacob talk more greeks. Charm, Vanna, Color, and much more! Who would think trading options and math …

8 thoughts on “Trading Options and Math: Charm, Vanna, Color, Speed, & Black…”

  1. I dont understand why you bring this guy in your videos….this guy is so careless (or nervous i dont know what) he doesnt care about explaining equation or parameters nothing..totally useless video

  2. Curious to find out about the outcome of the trading contest between Jacob & the XTrader. Where can I find those episodes?
    Also are u of the opinion that learning the 2nd order of greeks (e.g… vomma, vanna, charm, etc…) would be very helpful to a retail trader in managing portfolio risk or would it only be negligible?

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