Trading Options: How To Cut Losses QUICK! (TSLA Trade Example)

Trading Options: How To Cut Losses QUICK! (TSLA Trade Example) Cutting losses quick is so important when it comes to trading …

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  1. Great work Matt. Good case study of Tesla and its moods. Did my first option call on TSLA today. Waited 1 minute but got stopped out so I cut my trade short. Good to know that with TSLA it doesn’t pay to wait for the price to come back. Bc the losses can be fast and huge. Best to cut quick and return to it again later if it goes in ur direction.

  2. I know this is a bit of an older video, but man this is gold Matt. I am newer to trading and I only trade flag breaks. I am also a scalper so I am looking for a big move quick. When I don't get it, I also stop out before any big damage is done to my account. I thought the bit about anticipating the move when you notice a high probability setup was great information that I'm gonna use going forward. I do have a question though if you do happen to see this. Would you be able to give the asset a bit more wiggle room in terms of stop loss if you're trading a name like SPY? This is what I mainly trade because I love the spreads and it doesn't seem as temperamental.

  3. Exceptional risk management! At the end of the day, we're in the business of managing risk more so than making money. Many can always be made in this environment, you just need to be able to hang around long enough to take advantage of those opportunities.

  4. Hey Matt, hit the like. Quick issue. I notice when I am in an options trade and it goes against me with a big bar. The spreads change so fast that I decide to hold or worse, average down. What do you suggest to do when it just rips against you? Market sell, before it flushed even more?

  5. basically cut before it goes red if you're in the green , if its not popping off as expected right away. avoids being in any red. i shall give this a try

  6. I followed your tips and cut three trades quick the other day. Took a hefty (for me) loss because they added up, but I managed to avoid some bigger candles that could've caused more damage.

  7. Wow, super cool! I have never thought about getting in just prior to the level then get out as soon as it shows a hint of hesitation. This is brilliant tactics!

  8. Question: you mentioned on this video a 9 day EMA..for me, fisrt time. is this 9EMA for tesla only or is this for any day trade optons. I have seen the 20 by 200, the 100 EMA etc. sinse I Am a student with very low experience with options trading, I Am formulating my question. Thank you for this video. It has been a very important for me.

  9. Hi Matt, I create couple bottom and hotkey and you can get a better fill than market order when scalping option. For example if want to buy ZM option with 20 cents spread. I have a hot key to buy at Bid+10cents.

  10. Man TSLA always kills me in options, quick moves up and down. I need to get better with cutting my position quicker when it doesn’t work

  11. Thanks again, videos are awesome. Wonder if you have a sec to let us know where you learned trading? Any good youtube follows / online courses you found useful?

  12. I was able to make $700$ profit that day got in before pop and got out perfectly at top went downhill from there.

  13. You gave it a couple shots and let your rules take priority! Thanks for the clear description of your plays, you're very concise and your strategy makes complete sense!

  14. Hey Matt – Excellent managing Risk. Today I had some issues with TOS – was slow & lagging in my executions. I'm in the process to search for other platforms. Any recommendation?

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