Trading Options: How To Properly Use A Stop Loss

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18 thoughts on “Trading Options: How To Properly Use A Stop Loss”

  1. I have been using a hard stop loss, but it always has a habit of hitting my stop loss, and then my trade would go to my profit taker after being stopped out. Very frustrating to lose on a winning trade. I think I will need to take on this approach, mental stops instead of hard stops. Thanks for this video.

  2. From my experience of hundreds of options trades, also not using a hard stop, I want to mention what Matt is able to do requires a huge amount of discipline and mental toughness. My journey has unfortunately shown that I do not have the strength and discipline to use the 'Sell' button as the stop and I have taken unnecessary, and reckless losses that wipe out lots of good trading… Matts ability seems like it is 'easy' or should be 'easy' to apply, but what he is doing is 1% of the 1%… options trading can and will chew most up. Congrats to Matt and I hope continued success for him moving forward and his videos come from experience which is great. Thanks Matt!

  3. Thanks Matt! You just answered in depth one of my questions for you for our meeting. Awesome video well done!

  4. The fact that I already had the same opinions on stop losses as someone like you tells me I’m getting better at understanding this – thanks mate!

  5. Matt,just a quick question, do you feel like your basically just trading the futures most of these stocks follow side by side ,,,been following tsla for a couple weeks with a couple successful option trades ,,,,but which stocks that you trade do you feel move more independently from futures ,, if there are any ,,thanks

  6. You can also just use a hard stop, sell stop order at 20% or whatever. So you don't have to use your P/L at all, just market orders you out when that price is hit.

  7. since you don't have an automatic stop loss, do you have any fail-safe for internet cutting out? No matter what country I've lived in, who the service provider is, or whether it's rural or urban, I've had internet choke. I'm still paper trading, but when I go live, I'm thinking of keeping my cellphone wifi hotspot ready, so in a few seconds I can swap the wifi. Might still lose a little bit, but not as bad as just staring at a candle on your screen that was printed 10 minutes ago

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