Trading Options Strategies for $10,000+ Premium (~15% Gains)

Here are 5 of my High Conviction Stocks I’m selling Cash-Secured Puts on to make over $10000 in Premium and about an …

6 thoughts on “Trading Options Strategies for $10,000+ Premium (~15% Gains)”

  1. I don't get this bro, how come you do yearly trades instead of weekly or even bi weekly? For sure you'll make more than just 10% and don't get your collateral tied up for a year

  2. You can actually make more money selling weekly puts. Weekly puts also helps if you decide you want to lower your strike price. Your money is only tied up for a week rather than a year.

  3. What happens if I am LONG on a Stock & it has gained a Ton of value and now, the "SELL to CLOSE" Options (I'm ASSUMING) will be super high with a super high Delta and due to that I may NOT be able to "SELL to CLOSE" the Trade ??? …

    A. First of all, is my assumption right or wrong that, the Options will be super high with a super high Delta???

    B. Second, if my assumption is right, what will happen if I am unable to "SELL to CLOSE" the Trade and what can I do for the most optimal result??? … p.s. I DO NOT want to get assigned any shares whatsoever!!!

  4. Why tie up that buying power for 2 years just to get a little over $10,000? Or am i missing something

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