1. Too bad robinhood won't give me level 3 options ? 3 years and hundreds of trades later. Still can't trade spreads. Smfh.

  2. Thank you, you made it much easier to understand that others. They usually talk so fast, can't understand a thing…lol.

  3. Excuse my ignorance but when I go to select multiple options at a time it will not let me select more then one

  4. Excuse my ignorance, I'm new at this. When finishing the app asked if you want to receive a credit or a call. Which am I supposed to choose? I know am getting a credit, and that's why I'm getting confused.

    Thanks for the great videos and for sharing the knowledge.

  5. Why won’t my account allow me to do this? I can only buy a call or sell a call. I can’t do this strategy?

  6. It has been an amazing journey with him making money from the comfort of my home,I promise I was going to tell everyone about him , he's honest trustworthy and reliable for him transaction is taking over all market Mr jonny

  7. Traders can try all the strategies they see on YouTube.but I can tell for a fact most will still lose money due to improper knowledge on how the liquidity providers manipulate the forex ?charts.

  8. Bitcoin has really stood its ground and would keep breaking grounds, investors sure knows how profitable it is now. My advice to everyone is don’t just buy and hold bitcoin, Trade it!

  9. I have been investing with mr Chris Russ, I came across some nice comments about him here on YouTube and I gave him a try and honestly I didn't regret the move

  10. G thanks for the info. question ? I did a call spread and have to admit got greedy and hold now the price of stock is higher than my option strike prices. now what can I do
    buy to close my write option and expect to make more on my bought call, if I'm still bullish?
    let it expire well above my strike prices ?
    sell my bought call and try to exercise my contract at a lower price stock?
    Thanks !!!

  11. So I tried to do this Call debit spread strategy it it wouldn’t allow me and that’s because you have to be on level 3 to qualify for this type trading option and Robinhood said that I do not qualify for level 3 yet…

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  13. Trading is risky when you don’t have good guidance in as much as the market is so unpredictable,you need to understand the basis of the market in other to make consistent profit

  14. crypto is the future and investing in it is the best thing to ever do,that is why i recommend shaw's effective strategy. its so awesome

  15. For small amounts is there a ,Does your account need 25k to trade options ,are options considered day trading if you have a multiple call or puts?.

  16. Mind blown ?
    Thank you thank you. You made something that seemed complicated to being very understandable. #GOAT

  17. Awful option choice. One, I wouldn’t trade an option like this on a weekly basis. Two, gain vs loss is pathetic. Three, your strike prices are too close together. You want to do options like this 30-45 days out. I would have selected 4/30 expiration. Buy a call at 3070 Ask. Sell a put at 3075 Bid. Breakeven at 3073.97 so in 30 days i need it to close above that, which is extremely likely. Potential 30k+ gain vs a 1k exit loss. Net debit 295.

  18. Always know your risks. Don't use this strategy with a ex dividend date coming up, your short position could get exercised early.

  19. What a joke YouTube comment sections have become. Nothing but Scammers and Spammers. When are they going to do something about this?

  20. I don't know who really needs to hear this, you've got stop saving money. Invest some part of it, if you really want financial freedom.

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