TRADING OPTIONS with degiro – A beginners guide – How to

A beginners guide to trading options contracts with degiro. How to use the platform to get started with options trading.

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  1. Thanks for the video! If a sold put gets assigned, do you have to pay an assignment fee only or the stock transaction fee too? DeGiro has quite high fees if you just buy stocks.

  2. The number of underlying products for which Degiro offers options is still extremely limited. Not very impressed by this part of Defori’s offering.

  3. Hi do you do one to one help in understanding and using options trading really want to learn thank you

  4. I have a question.
    I come that at the end of the Day at 10pm i see what my gains are for the day,then till 12pm i see all sorts of changes mostly changes tonthe down trent which make me end up less than it was at 10pm.
    Is this due to corrections from short sellers ? I changed my account from basic to active,but according to degiro With every account stocks are lendout except with a custody account which has other transaction feas.

  5. My step-son passed away in October 2021; since then, we have been trying in vain, to close his account with DeGiro.

    The company is NOT helping us – we have provided them with all the information that we used to close my stepson's UK bank accounts, but now they won't even communicate with us.

    If they won't even communicate with us, what can we do ?

    For anyone, the unexpected death of a (young) family member is the cause of significant stress; MOST companies react with sympathy and concern and do their utmost to help – but NOT DeGiro.

    I have absolute proof for ALL that I’ve said.

  6. does degiro by any chance offer XUKX or ISF (or some other FTSE100 ETF) options?
    (I have been surprised how few platforms do options for FTSE100 etfs)

  7. I can't think of a more innovative way to earn from the financial market other than having professional guidance through and through. You'll be surprised at how far one can go with some help.

  8. Trading is indeed lucrative, but before trading, most traders need to work out how much risk they're prepared to take on both for individual trades and the trading strategy as a whole.

  9. Hi I am from INDIA,I would like to know the average cost it takes to sell an index option at a particular strick price in UK

  10. Hi,
    thank you for helping those who want to start this business. I have a problem. I am not a native English speaker. I only communicate when I leave Belgium. I don't have that much practice. But I will understand everything if you speak more slowly in your videos. I think that there will be many like me, because so many beginners refuse your videos, because they cannot follow you. I hope for your understanding and see a series of videos for non-native English speakers. Thank you! Nice day!

  11. Do you know a broker we can use in Europa to buy leap options on NIO or Xpeng for example that trade on the NSY?

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  13. Thank you for this great video. Do you know where to find information about the options volume ( such as Eurex ) but for the UK market?

  14. Trading can turn on a dime and very few traders have developed a long term competitive advantage day trading like CONS Peter Lang, That’s why he’s at the helm of my affairs

  15. Thanks for sharing, I've opened an account with them because of your video. Shame they don't offer US options … to da moon. Diamond hands, bitches. $AMC & $GME

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  17. almost a year later and we still can not trade big companies like Tesla or Apple. If this will to come soon it will be a reason to change my broker

  18. Thanks mate. this was the clearest explanation of call options and I needed it. I have been watching people making stupid profits on shares I am simply buying and selling for much less profit than they make with less risk on options.


  19. Learn to relax bud, take deeper and longer breaths and speak your sentences slower. You sound mad anxious lmao. Also lower you camera so we can see your hand movements, it helps make the video less awkward. But judging from the comments this vid will be informative so I’ll bear with you.

  20. I have a few questions at certain times of this video: 5:10 if you want an option you choose the call position? And if you own one you can sell via the put section? Or can you also put if you don't have a call first?

  21. I've got to say that when I opened the video I wouldn't give you any chance. Then I kept on watching and it was really informative. Thanks!

  22. Well said and highly recommendeable video sir, Successes in trading vary as a result of either both or one of the following two things:

    1. The exposure of the successful trader goes way beyond that of the average trader

    2. The presence of a good manager facilitates trade and minimizes loss of investments. thanks to ROMERO PIETO for bringing me back to life based on trading such a good man he makes me returns after one month of trading

  23. do you know what the best stocks on degiro are for trading options that might have good volatility? I went on today to look and im really not familiar with the european index's. can you just find any stock that is on the LSE or in Europe?

  24. Hi very good video. Can you answer some of my question please?
    -1)How can i know the premium you are going to pay for the call option?
    -2)If I dont operate for 1 month, my money stay on German account and i must pay commission right?(degiro leave not invested money on german bank account)
    -3)Do they think to include also usa market options in short time?
    Thanks again

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