Transitioning to Trading for a Living

When you first start transitioning to trading for a living, you must start ACTUALLY TRADING (not paper trading). Every day, we …

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  1. Forget the stock options the first thing you have to look for day trading is bias in the market. Bias can be small and overlooked by most traders giving you a distinct advantage. Traders generally aren't gamblers that also gives you an edge if you trade the absolute riskiest things and trades. Day trading from the close Wednesday to the open the following day Thursday will give you the best odds for making money day trading. The way I day trade is I know what the market should do day to day (each day) and if it does the opposite that's when I day trade. If you play the market day trading for a lifetime it's like playing a chess board you instantly know when you see the market doing the opposite of what it should do on a given day. The bias is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday usually trade in tandem. Thursday and Friday usually trade in tandem. The best opportunities for a day trade are from the close Wednesday to the open the following day Thursday followed by the close Friday to the opening the following Monday. This bias has been in the markets for a long, long time and is still there even more so today as just about everything is 100 percent rigged by the FED and the bankers. I made most of my money betting fights for a living the past 50 years I only day trade to kill time.

  2. I agree about trading now. I also heard you making an algorithm.  I am working on an algorithm right now too, but for another database and for another purpose.  Since my interest is in stock options, I would like to talk with you on my idea's for the algorithm.  As far as etrade goes, I am trying to put my first trade in but I need to figure out all the different options I can put in.

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