Turning $1,000 Into $4,000 in 2 Days Trading Options | Beginner C…

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34 thoughts on “Turning $1,000 Into $4,000 in 2 Days Trading Options | Beginner C…”

  1. You get me stressed out when ever you don’t sell at high. Hopefully by now you have learn to take profits and the fist/second day. Never let them for more than 3 days. Everything could go wrong in 1 sec.

  2. hey baird business , if i gave you 20$ could you turn that into 50 million dollars in a couple months ?

  3. I knew nothing about the power of investing thanks for opening my eyes to the possibility’s its much better than Forex???

  4. Yeah editing sucks. We see ur face to much and u scroll Thur the app and disappear. We have to stop and pause and go back…… u suk at editing

  5. I swear this felt like more than 2 days lol, but nice content tho… remember me when you blow up ??

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