Unique Options strategy | 3 different expiry | Advanced options a…

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25 thoughts on “Unique Options strategy | 3 different expiry | Advanced options a…”

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  2. please send me the link of your blueline strategy video. i am trying to locate it, but not be able to get this.

  3. I used this stratergy on 2 August at 9.18 am and today booked profit 1400 on 3 August….by using one lot only…..it's really work…..

  4. Good one Raushanji… Thanks for the video. You are doing superb work,

    There is no adjustment explained in the video. Does that mean the strategy will definitely give profit before the end of 1st of 2nd expiry?

  5. Make this video on June expiry. With results since in April vix was high and now since vix has gone down and the premiums are not their this strategy won't be so effective plz check me if I am wrong

  6. Your Videos are good – But can you please explain the strategy once in English. At least can you brief the strategy alone on English. Am from non Hindi background and really finding it difficult to understand it completely. Anyone who read this please explain me the core of this strategy.

  7. After profit booking can we re-enter in same month with different weekly expiry like 8th April buy 15th April sell & 29th April buy in this case?

  8. 1st April waale expiry option ka kya kiya after expiry? Usko exit kar diya?

    Then it will not be completely hedged.

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