Using Options to Profit If the Stock Market Goes Up or Down

Half the people expect the stock market to keep going up and the other half expect the market to correct downwards.

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  1. Hi Adam. The options trading you teach I thought buy call has to be more then the target price right. Just then make money before expiration date. But this one showing is under target price already can making money. ?? Why is it uh? And what does it mean to select calendar. Anyone help explain thanks

  2. Wonderful strategy, but I don’t know why if it goes to 3000 this trade can win $2,000? Can’t understand the logic, I am too new.

  3. Ok for the very first time I paper traded Adam's strategy. I am a newbie have not traded before . I paper traded last Friday , Monday and yesterday which was Tuesday – paper traded $870 all together. My Think or swim P/L overall total is now showing $1,120.00 This is extremely encouraging – Adam you're a genius !!!

    I have a little problem with analyzing the trades . There are 4 legs to each calendar spread as they are all SPX just like Adam said. Does anyone know an easy way of using analyze on thinkorswim when you have more than one spread of the same index like Spx. I find it a little confusing. Adam thank you so much for your channel. I try and do everything like you say ! I believe I can do this . THANK YOU

  4. unfortunately this lesson is useless if you trade with interactive brokers; the charts are different, and it is an act of god to find standard deviation.

  5. Omg Adam you are an AMAZING TEACHER !!! am lost for words for what you are doing – Thank you and thank you – I can't thank you enough for all your help . If only you know how much giving you have and helping me and others who are watching you every single day. God bless you in all the things and in everything that you do ! Thank you again and again from the bottom of my heart !

  6. Hi, Adam Khoo. May i know how to sell the calendar stock? may you have a short video to teach us.

  7. I am confused with +/- 191 price range from the tool; @34.8% IV with 21 days to expiration (of stock price at ~2836) the range should be around +/-238 for 1S. What am I missing here? Thank you

  8. Dear Adam
    I'm interested to attend your Options trading live class either in Singapore or Malesia or Vietnam, But I couldn't find any upcoming schedule for that in the "Wealth Academy", Please provide me a link that I can get more data.

  9. watching your videos is like having a lecture at uni.. and the best part is I actually understand it . Thank you Adam

  10. Ok so I’m giving this a go right now! Just submitted it’s either gonna pay off or be an 800 dollar lesson. I chose the March 10 expiration since that’s mine and chuck norris’ bday

  11. Thank you Adam for doing this. I’m getting ready to do my first trade, but one question I have is, in case there is an after market event that drives price out of my range, can/how do I adjust my trade to the new price range the next day?
    Thanks for being a helper.

  12. Hi Adam. Do you have any issues with Think or Swim not filling your orders even when bid / ask are exactly at your limit price ? Or do you use a different Broker more suitable for SNIPEX ?

  13. If I Bought a option with two contracts, may I sale one on a date, another one on different date before their expiration ?

  14. So before the strike price expires over the max and min spread…do you close or call it…In the Money, Out of the Money, At the Money?!?!?

  15. This method not going to work when market is bullish & volatility is dropping. When trading with calendar or diagonal spread one thing must consider – Volatility.

  16. Awesome strategy, but i'm assuming using both call spreads or both put spreads in this double calendar strategy doesn't matter with SPX options because there is no risk of being assigned or exercised before expiration (European-style options). Implementing this strategy with SPY options I'd always go with OTM call spreads and OTM put spreads to minimize the risk of being assigned.

  17. Hi Adam, at ~11min, you said the green line is P/L on 15 May. But the screen (bottom left hand corner) shows 16 May. And 16 May is a Saturday? Are we missing something?

  18. You're selling an ITM call which you're running the risk of being assigned, and if that happens you will have to exercise your long leg and lose the entire premium that you paid. How do you deal with that?

  19. You don't consider IV at all in this trade? If the IV drops you are going to see substantial losses for such trades!

  20. In upper side adam sell call bullish calrnder spread…good…lower side he should have to sell put…why he sell call downside isn't it already in the money…n how it b the bearish trade downside i m confuse here anyone please explain

  21. so you closed the trade? had you open the trade 1 week later you would have killed it but there was no way to know. Great video though, learned a lot!

  22. I can't seem to buy the bear and bull orders on TOS at the same time or even individually. Is anyone else facing this problem?
    The option for calender spread cannot be selected a second time

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