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  1. I 2nd the above comment. Fucking answered my question within 3 minutes where as everyone else is still talking nonsense before getting to the point. I up thumbed as this video deserves it. Thank you.

  2. Also good to move your stop losses (on a call) to the higher lows etc that way your more secure in your profit instead of doing just one solid stop limit as price goes up just to come back to where u started !

  3. Love your videos!! Now this was two years ago.. is there a better way now of mirroring your stop loss in stock chart and option chart?

  4. You said a lot. I buy a short vertical for $3.00 and I only want lo lose 1.50. How do I place the stop on TOS?. Not base on a price chart

  5. the quality of the video is super poor.. can't even see any writings.. if the quality is improved, might be better to do an upgraded and up to date video..

  6. This is great insight, Carmine. I have always used the Active Trader tool to place STOP orders for my Options contracts, and if you have the 'Show Orders' setting turned on then you'll see a red line on the SPY chart to indicate the price in which your contract will be stopped out. I usually have to adjust the STOP a bit to find the exact level on SPY for where I want to exit the trade. This is also useful because you can watch your STOP move as Theta and other factors affect the premiums.

    Have you used this feature, or do you primarily stick with the mental stops?

  7. Isn't there a way to set a stop loss on the value of the contract? For example I buy a call for $1.00. Can't I set a stop loss of say $0.80?

  8. Hi, how come my cursor does not draw like your cursor…am i missing something…? coz my cursor does not have that small drawing pen.

  9. ur a goat bro really enjoy your content fr….. helping me begin my trading career as I understand all the topics you teach

  10. Yo! I came here because I searched can you set a stop loss while buying an option. Since, now I know you can't just go-to positions. Hover over your position. Right click and then create an opposite order and that is much faster than this crap. How does he have 62K subscribers? I am about to start a Youtube channel thingy.

  11. Hi Carmine, I've one question, is it possible or not ? if i set up stop loss in my chain position, but i leave on market no execute. (example bid=1.5, my stop loss = 1.6. because but firstly when i submit stop loss it was 1.8)

  12. Hi thanks for the video. great content. Can you elaborate on how to get to the option chart that shows the stock price as well as the premium price and option chain as per your video as i dont seem to see that arrow on my platform that you clicked on cheers

  13. I need this, takes the mental aspect out of options, which has always been harder for me than doing so with stocks. Thanks!

  14. great video – didn't know about feature to adjust premium to give you an idea of where the underlying price would be. Great tip – thank you.

  15. Have you tried placing a stop order based on the option's actual price? Instead of using the gear on the order page, you would change the Order Type to Stop and set your stop price around your target sell price to either cap losses or protect profits.

  16. Hi Carmine, this is a explaining how to setup a trigger order for an option to be closed out once the underlying is at a certain price, not how to set a stop for the price of the actual option. A bit misleading.

  17. I got my thinkorswim up now and it seems like I’m able to set stops based on contract price. Did they recently add this feature?

  18. 4:50 I had to watch this many times to see what you were talking about. I get it now. I'm surprised that those slightly differences exist

  19. Interesting, I always thought options traders used spreads, not stops to protect against losses, but I'm a noob.

  20. Although you set your stop loss on the certain amount doesn’t kicks in until someone will buy for it. I am done it many times.The solution is , If we only have a price that much the stop price in front of the strike price. Coz we still guessing and do the estimate still.Thats I am working right now specifically if I have a .10 widespread.Thanks for the idea. ??? I am with IBKR , I heard TOS way more better.

  21. Carmine, you mentioned the mental stop loss vs the hard stop, but I didn't catch how you trigger the mental. Did you just set an alert?

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