In this video, I go over how VIX is a helpful tool when trading /ES and /NQ #options #daytrading #strategy #QQQ #SPY.

9 thoughts on “USING VIX TO TRADE SPY AND QQQ | Day Trading Options”

  1. sorry this is random.. how do you have your tos where when you move your cursor on /es, it also moves around that time on ur second chart vix?? im sure its some setting ive turned off. thanks for the video!

  2. Jumping over candlestick bars with cheer after watching your application of VIX to supply and demand zones. Perhaps, add some volume profile VPOC from 1 hr. chart over 5 days to add icing to the cake of your VWAP level, providing another level of conviction to this superb risk to reward trade. In Olympic terms, take a bow for your gold medal performance video. Thank you for sharing your trading expertise with traders across the world. New subscriber.

  3. I've always had the question of which is the leading indicator VIX or /ES. I like your explanation, Just looking for the divergence. Thanks

  4. Instead of using 20 Days 5 mins, change the timeframe to 5 days or below, it will solve the issue you're facing

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