Wallstreet Bets: Reddit Short Squeeze: The Silver Portfolio to Ki…

Silver mining companies that have great chart patterns for wallstreetbets. If you feel like donating to my channel feel free to donate.

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  1. Hi Andy! I'm new to your channel, and I thoroughly enjoy your personable, educational, and actionable videos. I've always been a champion for the little guy, since I am one! (lol)
    Blessings abound for you, your family, and all those you love and hold dear, and by God's grace, the best is yet to be!

  2. If manipulation is ended all mines will be nationalized, all stocks will be force sold. You want to win get physical. Wake up!

  3. Companies? To move silver you need to buy physical silver or sprotts etf. You know what wall street is? Rigged manipulated market. If silver is pushed all manipulayion will stop. You know what it means? End of stock matkets, end of banks, end of USD, END OF USA. Buy physical silver!

  4. Hey I hope when you get rich out of all this that you don’t stop helping out us smaller guys out here. Your channel is amazing. I cannot speak highly enough. I’m already heavily in Physical silver, personally I use Bullionvault myself as I even can have my own assigned and numbered bars. I’m 50:50 gold silver atm but really want to swap sell some to buy some miners

  5. Andy, how is the probability for a bull trap! If we get a real equity sell off, or a strong correction of 15 to 20 percent …


  7. Thanks for sharing the info! Subbed! I have a Robinhood account that I'm looking to get out of. I'm considering moving my money from Robinhood to my Fidelity account and using Think or Swim. Any other recommendations for trading platforms / firms for this silver play?

  8. The trick will be when to pull it and realize the gains, get it out of there system, cause if that happens in a large way, …..If you dont hold it, theyll find some way to #### us!

  9. #mux is the most shorted , 16 days remaining to expiration , it will go to stratosphere with reddit gang loading on it.

  10. Odd question. If these patterns have been this way for years…why would you have invested knowing the price is being manipulated? Almost seems like a money storage rather than trying to realize gains.

  11. based in all these, looks like a Silver commodity super cycle is coming soon, probably silver will commence the decade bull run cycle anytime… heard from some of the wall streets friends that they are positioning into the silver world… stay tuned! i have bought silver.. so do your self a favor at least to get some silver! It is just too risky not to own Silver!

  12. MUX HL DSVMF MMNGF my silver companies……. will look into AG EXK SSRM MAG FSM and SILV……

  13. Will any of the more speculative OTC silver miners move with the rest of silver moving? I own some WALRF.

  14. So is WSB shorting actual physical silver, SLV, or a particular equity of a miner? I understand if they push physical silver up, everything in the sector will benefit. But if they pick SLV, will that help individual miners?

  15. Now WallsStreetBets will now attack hedge funds which are shorting Silver! How to support this new movement?? Buy physical silver!!!!

  16. Yes friends, there are 8 big Wall Street banks short over 360 MILLION ounces of silver!!
    Insane! WSB is ON this, when SLV breaks $27.50 look out!!

  17. About time silver reverted back to its historic norm of 15 -17 to one against gold. Never underestimate the power of the corrupt Wall Street b77tards to try their hardest to stop us though. Only put it what you afford to lose. Good luck guys

  18. 27$ oz is a joke today. JP Morgan is total manipulator buy more silver. Today price tp >50 oif you include inflation od gold/silver ratio TP>150

  19. I wouldnt recommend options andy. Many juniors are still under a buck. Think of them as an option without theta decay.

  20. Another subject of Interest? What currencies will do better than others?
    I think USD and GBP will do badly against AUD and CAD as an example, it would be great to hear your thoughts.
    The reason I think this way is because of the Government deficits/debt and for AUD and CAD I am thinking about strong link to Commodities.

  21. Very topical!
    Thanks Andy,
    AYA (TSX) hit 11 out of top 50 Silver intercepts worldwide for 2020. Page 12 of its new Presentation.
    Also from its presentation it has thrown up two other Silver Mine focused companies that could be very interesting. I have not researched these two yet. BRC (TSX) and MTH (ASX).

  22. Since First Majestic owns 21 million shares of GRSLF, do you consider that there is a greater chance that they buy out the company?

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