Wallstreet Bets: Reddit Silver Short Squeeze: Drain the Physical,…

Drain the physical is the game. If you feel like donating to my channel feel free to donate. paypal.me/findingValueFinance I was …

48 thoughts on “Wallstreet Bets: Reddit Silver Short Squeeze: Drain the Physical,…”

  1. E*TRADE doesn’t limit me as long as I acknowledge the associated risk with the product. Just saying.

  2. I’m going to pass on the May 15th silver squeeze. The only thing a one day silver squeeze does is enable Wall Street Silver and AMARK to make a lot money at our expense.
    AMARK owns 45% of Sunshine Mint
    100% of JM Bullion
    100% of Provident
    100% of Silvertowne Mint
    49% of Pinehurst Coins
    Is buying 47% with option to increase to 75% – Silver Gold Bull aka Wall Street Silver ?

  3. On point as always, I have also been able to stay ahead of the curve in the stock market, courtesy of the brilliance of the renowned Edwin Earl.

  4. For me I’ve found Kitco Co., this is where I’ve purchased my silver & gold, never had any problems with orders or shipping. Sure looking forward for President Trump to take back the WHITE HOUSE, which he one by a crushing defeat over, Mental I’ll Biden, of course I keep hearing that the real Biden is dead.

  5. They limit buying on all heavily shorted stocks to prevent retail from piling in. Believe it or not, they once changed my limit order. Another time, they forced a sell. Very evil.

  6. You need a new ratio, i.e. BTC to x ratio. Lol. Gonna go buy some silver. Sounds like a great idea. Price can't get much cheaper lol.

  7. Peru has 120,000 metric tons of Silver stocked, Romania has a little over 100,000 metric tons and Australia has over 90,000 metric tons. These three countries thank you for your efforts ❤️

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  9. Andy, great channel. Love the level-headed insights. Awesome charting.

    If I can offer a recommendation – give yourself more screen space. I think your channel could be very big, content is top-notch. A little more love given to the presentation and it’ll land even better. Hope that’s taken in the best way, I’m a fan and would like to see the channel blow up. Thanks for the generous shares.

  10. Silver yes but there is still Blackberry Digital Ally Express and a few more in play for under$20.00. REMEMBER THE RENT MONEY IS FOR THE RENT!

  11. The stocks they are limiting is very telling. Massive illegal shorts. These guys are part of the illegal issue being exposed.

  12. I got 40 oz of 2021 ase today . Feeling good . 1000oz silver would change my life forever lol

  13. My man, you are speaking my language. I like to buy value, and I already own some of the same stocks you mentioned in this video, as well as preferring platinum and silver in the metals. First video I ever saw of yours, and I had to subscribe. Keep the value ideas coming, I'm always looking for new ones.

  14. I’ve had over 1500 oz for years. All bought between $14 and $20 and oz.. Hope it goes to $1,000,,, that’s 1.5 million off less than a $30k investment over about 10 years.

  15. We can and we will! Silver up to 50$ and more ? ? ? ?
    Everyone needs to help so much he can. Physical or Etf it doesn't matter. First Majestic or Benchmark Metals or somenthing else.

    On monday we make history ? ? ? ?

  16. I keep checking Provident Metals to see what is selling out. The 100 ounce and Kilo bars sold out, most 5 and 10 ounce stuff sold out, Eagles are selling fast, 90% is going fast, Generic one ounce still some available…WHO IS DOING ALL THIS BUYING??? Is anyone else watching these big online dealers selling out of stuff in the last 2 days?

  17. Just ordered thru my bank…they no longer deliver right to my door….have to go to their location….and delivery date will be much longer…. I take that as a good sign! 🙂

  18. Just a couple of fun facts re: current silver price vs silvers real value. 1). According to historical data the silver to gold ‘IN GROUND RATIO’ is somewhere between 10 and 12 to 1. However, the ABOVE GROUND RATIO is currently between 68 and 72 to 1. At the very least, when the manipulation is brought to an end, the minimum price of an ounce of silver, at today’s gold price of $1,850.00, would be $168.00+. This is based on a silver to gold ratio of 11:1. Secondly, we do not know how much silver is used in new green energy, such as Tesla, or personal electronic devices such as tablets phones, lap tops, Numbers from China are either unavailable or believed to be incorrect. Bottom line, Silver production will not be able to meet the near future demands. On top of this the costs related to finding, drilling, analyzing, permitting, etc, is not cheap. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars, and almost a decade of research and red tape, they produce their first ounce. If they are lucky this mine will be productive and profitable for a decade, and possibly two. Good luck all. Be safe and be well. I hope everyone catches the next huge move higher.

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