GameStop can still continue to go up in the next coming days but watch the video all the way through to understand what I’m trying …


  1. well….dumb idiots bought it when it already reached its peak. No shit they will lose money from this. A lot of idiots will learn from this.

  2. The winning formula here is not to buy big. It is like BTC. Just buy each $1000 or so and lock it up. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  3. My understanding is that you shouldn't buy now because hedge funds are probably shorting it again and they might recover losses as price will inevitably fall. If you have GME hold it but don't buy.

  4. Hello thanks for gamestop and I agree with you. What do you think about nndm stock? About upcoming shareholder event and how will it affect to the share price?

  5. Yep.. I pulled out 2/3's of my GME position & made a profit off my total cash basis. So my remaining shares that I hold are entirely unrealized profit.

    Still figuring out where to set sell limits this week… I do think the "squeeze has yet been squozen" and this thing can rocket up, but also I don't want to get greedy. The wsb targets for $2k, or $5k are just ridiculous, way too much..

  6. Definitely appreciate you telling people what they NEED to hear not what they WANT to hear. Good stufffff

  7. WELL SAID, sir. I'm taking the 3K I had set aside and putting into some nice long term dividend stocks…Some people may make a few bucks, but thanks, I'll stick to my long term strategy. Many hopping on the GME bandwagon have NO CLUE as to what they are doing. I wish them well. But I'll be with you, skipping the Hype Train and chomping on popcorn.

  8. Wall Street Engineer sounds like you have a weak stomache, who are you sponsored by WSE. I see you are still promoting Robinhood in your description.

  9. You’re right though. This stock may continue to go up but in the long run these hudgefunds are going to make even more money shorting it back down to reality

  10. Unfortunately we as retail investors are taking the hit. My account was down over 5k in 2 days on Thur/Fri. In order to cover the loss the hedge funds are incurring. The money has to come from somewhere. They are pulling their long trades from good stocks. Then the fear begins and next a correction awesome

  11. New Price target 🎯 $800 – $1000
    ** Not investment advice. Only invest what you are willing to lose.

  12. Some people are going to still click the dislike button without watching the video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Agreed…this horseshit is absurd…only good thing coming from this is good companies are on sale…uninformed idiots blindly throwing money into a blackhole

  14. This makes sense. Definitely a different outlook from what I’ve been seeing online

  15. I agree don't fuck with US securities foreign and domestic / this is not about tutes and retails

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