Weekly Option Selling Strategy | Bear call put spread | Iron cond…

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Option Selling Strategy | Bear call put spread | Iron cond…”

  1. Anna I understood, but how can I place order at the same time. When I place one order then it seeks margin as more than a lakh. Kindly clear the dought

  2. bro good adjustment startegy… entha startegy name Bull put sperad ( bull view edukaringa and put spread)

  3. Please teach us slowly and loudly step by step as if you are teaching to an illiterate. Then we would be very thankful to you and your mission also would be achieved.

  4. Hi, you are telling for yourself as if you are talking to your mind. That is not at all audible and understandable. You are telling very speed like you are explaining to an expert. For me as a new person to know about this, it is not at all understandable and go waste of time. You must review your video to correct the faults.

  5. Sir nalla nalla vidhiyam soldringa but konjam theliva sollunga sir, etho share market pathi ellam therinja orutharkitta casual la soldramathiri pesuringa, enna mathiri biginar ku purira mathiri slide podunga, or flash card podunga, neenga pesavarratha catch panna mudiyalainalum slide, flash card catch panna vatchudum.

  6. HI, In july month hedging we have to buy same 13000 pe and 17500 ce (july contract) or 2500, 2000 far OTM from current price which is traded 24th june..?

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