What are Directional & Non Directional Option Trading Strateg…

Directional and Non Directional Option Trading Strategies are something which all option traders must know about so that after …

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  1. Hey brother are you a directional or non directional option seller? And what is your other team members strategy like yogesh sir,yogeshwar pal sir Jitendra Jain sir e.t.c like what type of options selling do they do??

  2. Hello Manek Bhai thanks for your reply and one more thing on your adjustments video you have mention many times while trading in options and during losses when we do the adjustments we have to look the Delta values must not go between -40 to +40 and what are the other factors we have to watch during Live trading in options .Manek bhai i want to know or every new trader want to know that when we Buy Or sell Options what are the important factors we must watch during our live trade kindly make it crystal clear on this Topics or make a video on this Topics i think it is very essential Topics every trader must know thanks .

  3. Hello Bhai thanks for your quick reply on my comment Bhai since I am totally new in options trading kindly suggest such strategy or make a video on that strategy which a new trader can easily trade on options in Nifty or Bank nIfty after watching your that video very nicely like in a intraday or weekly options or in a monthly options which strategy are the best for use kindly suggest Bhai thanks waiting for your reply .

  4. one of the best & most underrated Channel so far on Youtube, your teaching skill is best among others, you deserve millions subscribers bro, Found you on twitter so Thanks to Twitter 🙂

  5. probably the best YT video on Option selling. selling strategy are unfortunately overwhelming for me. can you please let me know how can it be improved?

  6. Sir…Can you please upload a video on how to calculate SL from monday to thursday on stradles while doing intraday ….. please sir

  7. Awesome content as always
    Keep it up bro?
    Bro can you show backtests of ratio spreads, calendar spreads , iron condors , butterfly on nifty for past 10 years?

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